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Did anyone see The Daily Show tonight?

Jonathan Sperber, the author of a new book about Karl Marx, was the guest tonight. I've always been fascinated with Marx as a person, and to some extent, his political ideologies (I am obvious a Libertarian though).

Anyway, it was a great conversation. Stewart threw in a joke about the proletarians, and ultimately I think they agreed that Karl Marx was more of an idealist than anything. Worth a watch, It's usually available on the Daily Show website.

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They mention Moses Hess, Theodor Herzl & Asher Ginzburg?

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

you morons. Marx falsified

you morons.

Marx falsified his data to fit his agenda.

Read the biography by Paul Johnson.



michaelwiseguy: Go to bed

michaelwiseguy: Go to bed you fool.

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Daily Show - No Ads. Online.

I don't know if you're just promoting the Daily Show - because I know people get paid to drop comments like that - but just in case you DO work for them...

Guys - get the show for free, without the Commercial Breaks:

1channel.ch/?tv then search "daily show" or "colbert report"


seems like a scam

i went to 1channel and they wanted me to sign up. i ignored that and found tds. after clicking it i found the episode and clicked it. after that i was presented with a list of host that supposedly have the episode for free. but you have to sign up with them too.
unless you have a direct link i would say it's too much trouble and just go to tds website and sit through a few commercials. much faster than clicking a hundred links and signing up for a million more that want me to download exe files. direct link or no thanks.

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Marx perfectly identified the problems; unfortunately...

his solutions were worse. There will always be people prepared to "game the system"; that is why we should always be prepared to limit the centralization of power.