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Holy crap Bitcoin is going up!

This is what I expected from Silver.
Well, is it a bubble?

$137 at the time of this post.

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This is a good time to review

This is a good time to review how the 2011 Bitcoin bubble played out.

If you are buying bitcoins for the long term, then be prepared to sit on an investment heavily in the red for a long time depending on when you get in. If your ok with that then have fun. I know a bitcoiner that had bought a ton of bitcoins at $18.00 dollars in 2011 and had a difficult time coping with his loss for the following year and a half.
Hope he didn't sell them yet.

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Any time a trend goes literally vertical

It's time to get nervous.

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how do we know this price is not artificial

and possibly the worlds first online currency war strategy .... bitcointel? lol

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

How is it artificial? It may

How is it artificial? It may be in a bubble, but it's still a reflection of supply and demand. It's not centrally controlled.

oh, not from controlling rates and the amnt of bitcoins in suppl

y. but by hacking into the code and re-encrypting a massive amount of fraudulent bitcoins to hoister prices up and over any real trading price that if the fraud was not there would greatly diminish the price.

I am afraid govt will artificially lift the price with fraud to overvalue the exchange of bitcoins in real terms... which would dry up supply.

damn I tried not to be confusing but it just comes out that way

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

I think your fears are

I think your fears are misplaced. Due to the distributed system that supports Bitcoin, those exact events are not possible.

Does govt regulation of bitcoin destroy the model?

So the government crushed egold by suing the people that changed cash into egold-- the currency exchangers. They were unlicensed currency exchangers and money transfer agents. Why cant the govt do the same thing to bitcoin? or suppose it enforces an internet sales tax. More importantly suppose it does both, does it matter?

You cannot keep person to

You cannot keep person to person transactions from continuing, even if the exchanges were suddenly declared "illegal".

$147?? WTF

insane. Yet silver/gold continue to go down.. I will be dropping by a coin shop today or tom

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silver will never ever go down again after the bubble in the exchange trade funds bursts... which will be inevitable as the whole global currency crises takes shape over the coming decade.

Once that inevitable event occurs we all will hope we got as many as we could in early and didn't get scar beared out of precious metals.

So excited, going by Gainesville coin this week to re-up maine!

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

"Buy low, sell high."

That advice never goes out of fashion.


$141.32 this morning.

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wtf silver, come on!

I like alternative currencies but is that Bitcoins market price because I feel these encrypted stores of value are hard to trade?

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

be patient. silver will go

be patient. silver will go down another 2 or 3 or maybe 4.00 bucks. then watch out.

Only remotely

It only takes two computers or cell phones to transfer Bitcoins. As long as you have them and electricity, you can trade in Bitcoin.

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Holy crap!

So is the stock market!

what you talking bout?

stock market did terrible today!

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stock market rising =

stock market rising = inflation
bitcoin rising = deflation

demand for bitcoin is rising exponentially, especially as people are waking to inherent issues of centralized currency. Eventually the price will stabilize but we are still at the beginning of this monster.

People are hungry for honest money. If bitcoin proves to be that (and only time will tell), than this surge will prove to be the beginnings of a mass exodus.

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Can't say I'll ever buy

Can't say I'll ever buy bitcoins but glad to see it is succeeding.

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I hope Bitcoin will surpass 1 oz of gold. END THE FED!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I dont understand

how it will escape legal tender law issues or bank wire regulation or savings and loan regulation or sales tax issues

At the time of my post

At the time of my post Bitcoincharts.com was very slow. But you're right, it was at $110ish this afternoon and now around $130ish.

The cypriot bank confiscation has really sent Bitcoin through the roof. I mean think about it - is your money REALLY safer now in a bank, than in bitcoins?

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crazy, $141