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My Business Contacted by Reporter about Accepting Bitcoin

My partner and I run a guiding business in Berlin, Germany. We proudly accept Bitcoin and would be quite pleased if every tour paid bitcoins, especially given their meteoric rise over the last six months. We were just contacted by a local reporter with the following message:

I am a jouranlist working for rbb Inforadio here in Berlin. Currently I am doing research about Bitcoins. I found your tour offer on the list of places where I can pay with Bitcoins.

Would you like to tell me a little about that? How and why you decided to accept Bitcoins and how it's working so far? That would be great!

Also, do you speak German? If we decide to record an interview, that would make things easier. But until then we can talk Englisch of course.

Looking forward to your answer,

This was my reply:

Thank you for your interest in the growing Bitcoin community! Accepting Bitcoin has been my initiative, so [my partner] has asked me to respond.

How we accept Bitcoin is simple. We have an electronic wallet to which bitcoins can be paid online or from any properly equipped smartphone. To accept bitcoin, all anyone needs is the number of their own wallet. Bitcoin wallets are free to anyone.

In a world dominated by powerful banking interests that confiscate the wealth of the people at a whim with the obedient support of coercive governments, each of us supports either freedom of currency or organized theft. We all deserve access to a currency of naturally limited supply, the value of which has at least some chance of increasing with time. No bank can confiscate bitcoins. No government can inflate their value to transfer wealth and personal savings from individuals to politically powerful but financially incapable corporations. Bitcoin operates outside of the [European Central Bank], outside of the Federal Reserve, outside the World Bank, and completely independent of influence from Goldman Sachs and their United States. We support the fundamental right of people everywhere to choose what they use as a medium of exchange.

We also prefer other real money such as gold and silver to paper fiat currencies such as the euro and the dollar.

My German is fairly good, but I fear I would not do the topic justice in an interview.

In liberty,

The questions crossed my usual business e-mail manner and forced a freedom-based response. Thoughts?