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Any lip readers out there? What is this cop saying?

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I know I would have hated to be the ones picking up the little kids' bodies! As long as we live in this world, we will contnue to see this. It was the blame of the lunatic, who did this. At least he saved us a trial. But that is not much solace!

I helped take four people out of a burned car. Three of them were under the age of sixteen. They were headed out on a fishing trip! That happened forty years ago. I still see it, clearly, in my mind! It smelled like burnt barbecued chicken! It was caused by a guy driving a car on faulty tires, with "not highway approved" stamped right on the side of them. The accident was out in the middle of nowhere, on the highway. Good thing the fire killed that guy, too!

Looks like part of it is Its

Looks like part of it is

Its f-ing awful man. Dead? 20?

Columbus, Ohio


we need this translated. What evidence is there that this is from the Sandy Hook "shooting" spree?

I think there is full video of it also news footage of the

guy with the dog that can be matched up. The guy on the far left with sunglasses can definitely be seen at the storage shed search.

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All I could get so far is he is questioning out loud the numbers "10? (pause) 20?" followed by "I don't know, man" half way through the clip. And I think he said the word "Sh!t" as well. It could be the body count he is referring too.

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he said.....

The damn dog ate his stash and he had to follow the dog around all day to get it back. Then the other officer says, "you mean were smoking dog crap?" Then the other officer says "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, yea, but it tastes damn good!"

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