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70,291,049 Background Checks For Gun Purchases Under Obama

70,291,049 Background Checks For Gun Purchases Under Obama

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
April 3, 2013

There have been 70,291,049 background checks for gun purchases since President Obama took office, according to data released by the FBI.

In 2009, the FBI conducted 14,033,824 background checks. If we subtract the month of January (Obama did not assume office until the end of the month) we get 12,819,939.

The FBI conducted 14,409,616 background checks in 2010, 16,454,951 in 2011, and 19,592,303 in 2012.

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If my math is correct...

that averages about 45,350 a day.


I could be wrong but I don't think this is related to Obama. If it has increased since he has been president my guess would be that it is because more people are buying guns.. In Texas you have to have a background check to purchase a gun unless you hold a CHL; in which case you already had a background check. I agree with this as long as they are not keeping record of the people purchasing the guns. Since I have my CHL, I can purchase a gun anywhere in Texas cash with no questions or paperwork.

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Good. More is better with this.

Every family should have at least one for each person, IMO.

Amazing. Wonder how much data they keep on each check?

My guess is they have a pretty good list going already.

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