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Bitcoin, banks, and total war. We have not even tasted Liberty yet, but it is all at risk.

If you understand that all of the countries that we are currently aggressing against are countries that have refused to integrate their central banks into the global banking system, and if you understand the significance of bitcoin as a concept, and the significance of our ability to communicate with each other via the internet, then you can clearly come to a few conclusions.

1.) The age of the defacto sovereign state is coming to an end. The occulting of information that has traditionally enabled hierarchical power structures to maintain power is becoming more and more difficult to maintain with the pervasive nature of information exchange in the digital age. More and more people have access to the "secrets" and education that the state uses to establish power, and as that happens, the power of the state is diluted and will ultimately be completely obsoleted.

2.) The global banking system and the states they control are dependent upon a total monopoly on currency in order to maintain power and legitimacy. If there is even one somewhat viable, competing currency, then it puts their entire ability to control the value of their currency at significant, unmanageable risk. Remember it was John D. Rockefeller that said “Competition is a sin.” Wars are currently being waged against Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, all states that had independent central banking infrastructures (the validity of the economic integrity of that system not-withstanding), in order to root out from the world the last remaining threats to the global banking cabal.

3.) Bitcoin presents an enormous problem to the Global system because it is stateless and the ability to wage war against it is abstract and requires that the actual warfare be waged against the internet and the people. Currently people in Cypress are fleeing to Bitcoin because its value is in the fact that no government can link it to you as an individual so as to confiscate it. People can exchange with one another via bitcoin with no state or banking interaction and with no geographical limitation. It is the cash of the people in the digital age. You can say what you want about it meeting the actual definition of money, the truth is that as of this writing one bitcoin is worth $125 Federal Reserve notes, and almost 4 ounces of silver. People having the ability to freely exchange with one another without regard to borders, or the “middling” of every transaction via a government controlled bank will also serve to obsolete the need for the state in the minds of the people.

4.) Our ability to instantly communicate with each other coupled with our ability to exchange with one another unfettered by government intrusion will lead to a new system of matching resources to meet needs, which is one of the primary purposes of government and human institutions in general. The principles by which we, as a society, have established to match our resources to the needs we have identified have always been at risk to the human management we have put in charge of facilitating those transactions. It will become undeniably clear in the very near future that by using open sourced software, the internet, and the application of these technologies, that we can match resources with needs according to our stated principles with complete integrity and with very little waste or risk of management ignorance or fraud. It will no longer make sense to put our resources at risk to human management when we have trusted machines that operate with complete transparency and are not capable of fraud because they have no independent will. Also the amount of information available to these “intellectual machines” will enable the flow of resources to happen in a way that is the actual physical realization of the ideal of free market capitalism with its unique ability to set prices and determine needs and reduce waste and fraud.

5.) We are on the verge of a technological singularity that will change the way we all live and will enable us to utilize and distribute the resources of the earth with very little waste or fraud, instead of it being distributed my means primarily of waste and fraud as it is now. When this happens, the creative potential of 7+ billion people will be unleashed and humanity will rapidly accelerate in technology and will be unrecognizable to what we have today and within our lifetime. Science fiction has not begun to imagine what is in store for us.

6.) The only way to stop this will be for the current power structure to wage violent and all-out war on the internet and on the people promoting these ideas, particularly ideas of decentralized currencies. Only by totally eliminating an entire generation of people with the knowledge of how to apply technology and access information will the power structure be able to ensure its reign into the near future. As long as people exist who can design and apply the technologies that have been developed in the past 100 years, then it will be almost impossible to stop the progression of humanity toward a society free from a state that has a monopoly on money and violence.

7.) We must prepare for war, and recognize what we have to lose. The world has not yet even come close to experiencing the kind of individual liberty we are capable of as people. We have the ability to wipe out from existence almost all forms of systemic poverty, poverty that is a result of ignorance, violence, and corruption that is natural to our human systems of resource distribution. Those that benefit from the current system, and those that fear true human liberty will readily and without reservation wage war to prevent it, and the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in is that currently those people have access to the weapons and the money.

8.) A violent system can not be overthrown by violence, it will only replace it with another violent system. It must be obsoleted.

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Haha, look at all the trolls on the blaze

Probably work for the blaze...calling people "crazy" etc for facts about 911 then posting links to debunking sites.

Looks like they believe if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth..

Maybe they weren't all paid posters, maybe there really are people who have not done any investigation of their own and want to just keep their blinders on and watching the lying mainstream media.

Great Article!!

Thank You for sharing your thoughts.

Bit coin will continue to keep gaining value; I argue for two reasons.

1: There is an intellectual threshold that people go through in understanding bit coin. Much intellectual endeavor is needed to understand how bit coins work. Once an individual understands how bit coins work, the confidence in the currency increases exponentially one individual at a time.

2: Necessity; people are looking for alternatives to the banking scams throughout the world. Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Ireland are prime examples of people looking for alternatives and finding their answers in Bit coin.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

Peter Surda on the Bitcoin run up, interviewed by Jeffrey Tucker


"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

I like your thinking

It is exactly as I believe. The only slight difference is that I don't call it war when we fight them off. I refer to it like your last sentence does.

I'm 100% convinced that this hes happened, is happening and will not only continue to happen but will do so at an exponential rate.

See my other post at: http://www.dailypaul.com/280547/bitcoin-is-a-huge-nail-in-th...

There's no turning back now.

Part of me thinks "Man I want

Part of me thinks "Man I want to get in on this thing and get RICH" and I am in what small ways I can afford. but then another part of me realizes that my mindset of scarcity is quickly going to be obsoleted if what is happening here actually comes to pass. It is wonderful thought, however the resistance I see coming against it is a terrible one.


I'm not looking at this in hopes of getting rich. I've succumbed to thinking that money isn't even important anymore. I'm more focused on who is trying to control the system and how to end that.

I think this will usher in the era beyond scarcity in which abundance takes over. If you do the math, there's really no other conclusion one can come to. After all, 40-60% of our economy is stolen from us between the banks and unnecessary government. If we stopped that, the wealth of each worker does not simply double. Our 'gross' income may double but we actually measure our so-called 'happiness' in disposable income after the bills. When that goes from $500/month to $4500/month, what's that going to do to the entire economy?

We just have to keep on this path of no more monopolies. Eat, live and govern local.