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Adam & Ron Paul VS Peter Schiff at CPAC

I am not sure how to take this video but thought it was worth posting. Update, I don't usually alter my threads but I will ask you not to kill the messenger. I simply posted the video I don't agree or disagree with it. Just thought it was worth posting! I honestly don't know HOW to take it. SO do I dare ask DP or not?

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Schiff did well

against Adams "agitate,agitate,agitate".

Schiff talks about what's reasonably do-able...Adam doesn't seem to realize that talking up anarchy scares people, and his plan would not work because there's so many people currently dependent on government redistribution and printing. These people need to be weaned off their dependency, not shut off cold turkey. That's a recipe for chaos.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

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Just my personal .02 cents

Just my personal .02 cents (Gold standard of course :)) Adam has his place in the movement, and reminds me of the "Sovereign" people here, as well in the movement. I feel they have great intentions, and have valid points, my issue is that i feel they are a "Fringe of a Fringe" Movement. RP got between 5% and 25% of votes in the R Primary last year, depending on state/region. Granted he had some supporters that do not like the political process, or didn't want to register as R's, i get it. But we as the Liberty movement, aren't even 33% of the R's, i highly doubt more than 20% of the "voting" populace in general. Sad but true, we are a minority in the nation at this time, granted a very vocal and high energy movement, but we are climbing uphill at this moment. So you take all the "Sovereigns" and Anarachists, if they all made a stand, renounced their citizenship, and would deal in only gold and silver, and they all got arrested, it would be barely a blip in the radar. The MSM would never report it. It would have been all for naught in the big picture. Pete Schiff is right this time, play for the long game. This is what in my opinion Rand is doing. Save the more stringent stuff for later. Thanks for reading this far. Metal

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The things Ron Paul have been

The things Ron Paul have been saying are already taking off now and becoming mainstream. This has only happened in the last year mostly.
There was a study that said it required 10% of the population having an idea before it started spreading rapidly. We reached that 10% in the last year. Yes, its sad that things still arnt as they need to be, but progress is being made now that eclipses anything made in the last 30 years.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Great Vid. Should be required viewing on the DP imo

These two sum up a lot of the division nice and neat with this interview.

I completely understand where each of them are coming from because I see it here every day *clear* as day on this board.

Intellectually and philosophically I'm with Peter Schiff.

Given the (ideal?) situation of a state of affairs where there is no government of public management / agreement on rules that are back by some kind of force? ..

There will *always* be a vaccuum created where some group or groups of people will band together to "create" one.

Then if they can gather enough people under their banner (through persuasion AND force) they will eventually force the majority to accept it.

Human Nature 101.

"The Man" has his boot on your head about to crush your skull.

The system that the man uses to crush your skull cannot be reformed.

You are beyond delusion if you think it can. It must be dismantled until absolutely nothing remains.

Kokesh fully understands what is about to happen and the vast majority of people in America are clueless or in deep denial.

Most will deny it up until they take their last breath. Others will dance in the darkness believing they are part of it or that they can reform this evil.

This darkness can not be reformed, we must crush it with light.

Natural Order

but adam annoys the shit out

but adam annoys the shit out of me in this video

we can bash people all we

we can bash people all we want here but i guarantee Adam Kokesh has awaken more people to the ideas of liberty and freedom than anyone here at the dailypaul, except for MAYBE Michael who made this website of course.

This is nonsense, Ron Paul is not an anarchist!

Ron Paul has clearly stated He is not an anarchist! He said he is a minarchist and Stephan molyneau has criticized Paul for not being an anarchist. I am a little offended he would create a false narrative and put words in Ron Paul's mouth.

Ron Paul 2012


are not always honest as you see from the editing.

Well, some anarchists are honest. But they stuck with Rothbard and did not study Ayn Rand themselves, only heard criticism about her being "cultish." Anarchists try to cage reality into a "non-agression principle" regardless of context. Thus often they contradict reason.

Voluntariyist not anarchist.

Voluntariyist not anarchist.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

I've Met Ron Paul

(several times in several states actually)
...and Adam is no Ron Paul.
There is no Adam Kokesh movement, and he would be irrelevant and unknown if it weren't for the Ron Paul movement.
His passion and commitment are admirable, but his arrogance makes those skills almost useless. I would never be drawn to any movement that espouses the nonsense he was promoting.
Tilting at windmills comes to mind.

RON PAUL is the GOLD STANDARD of politics, his value never changes; it's tied to the CONSTITUTION!

I've met Ron Paul too

I've met Ron Paul a couple times, Peter Schiff a couple times and Lew Rockwell too. I disagree with certain things they say (not as much Paul), but I think Adam Kokesh misses an opportunity, and sometimes others do too in not using their time building on the foundation of Liberty and branching out together, leaving the fine tuning for later, as Peter suggests.

It's easy to pick on the intellect of others, as we do it all the time here on DP. It's somewhat a waste of time for me to get into a discussion with someone on the relevance of Austrian Economics or Bitcoin or whatever, when I can move forward in Liberty with others on common ground in addition to my own own writing.

I try to refrain from separating myself on smaller issues where I and the other person may disagree. Even though I could possibly win the debate, and prove my point, it isn't a productive use of my time. I concentrate on the bigger picture in trying to help people understand that for which they don't know in a way that doesn't offend, but brings them to the side of Liberty. This is the beginning of a Liberty Army.

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Great post

This is exactly the right attitude imo.

Some people here should read this a couple (few? many times over?) until it sinks in.

promoting anarchy will only

promoting anarchy will only harm the liberty movement. I don't think ron paul even wants to be associated with kokesh any more. His only goal is to stir up trouble.

Fortunately for freedom

...Ron Paul is meaningless.


How about you? Oh, and what is the name of this site again?

RON PAUL is the GOLD STANDARD of politics, his value never changes; it's tied to the CONSTITUTION!

What the hell are you talking about?

Of course he's meaningless. So am I. This site is an entrepreneurial venture, so it's not meaningless, although the period spent supporting Ron Paul's political career was meaningless.

Are you still hoping that someone will hold your hand and direct you toward freedom? Stop failing at life.


was specifically and officially told not to show up at Ron's SunDome event in Tampa and security was given instructions to keep an eye out for him...

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I Too Thought Peter Was Right

but wasn't sure where to go with this.


don't like his approach - at all.

Peter was being reasonable and patient considering Adam was basically badgering, interrupting and talking over him. and I agree with Peter. he explained why he thought it was a no sell. Adam was talking about going from one extreme to another - quickly - it seemed and that just ain't gonna happen.

Adam is, to me, a demagogue. and the title, to me is BS. and as far as the text on the video
well, they were issues that he picked and chose to suit. this is his standard MO.

I think he hurts the Liberty movement. He comes across to me as immature and defiant.

although I enjoyed listening to peter and the clips of Ron - of course.

Ron Paul is My President


anti-social behavior (sociopathy). :>

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is morally and philosophically superior to others and he has a deep-seated need to make it known. He has said many times that his goal is to "piss people off". His goal is not to sacrifice of himself to teach people the concepts of or to spread the message of liberty in love, patience and forgiveness, but a game of showmanship and one-up-man-ship and elitism.

His narcissism also reveals itself in his long-winded rants about his erections and his dabbling with drugs. I am fine with somebody having erections and doing drugs but I just don't want to hear play-by-play details about it. I mean, It's like if somebody went on and on in minute detail about their experience being drunk and how it made them feel. Nobody cares. It's a mundane universal personal experience that is just boring that only has meaningful context to someone who is overly in love with themselves.

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You Mean Self Obsessed

...like a male 1970s Roseanne Rosannadanna?



Roseanne knew when to humbly say "never mind". :p

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Lead by example

Wasn't Ron Paul a US Congressman for 22 years?

That's likely an accurate guess

Here's a better question: when can Americans expect an apology?

Oh man..

I wish Kokesh would just hush and allow Schiff to make his point. It's rude and juvenile to constantly interrupt the person you're 'interviewing'.

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Somebody is trying to hard methinks

I'm a big Schiff fan (and Ron Paul and Molyneaux, whom AK mentions) but Schiff doesn't attack anything from a philosophic bent, no Rothbard or Rand in his vocabulary, doesn't really ever mention violence or coercion, doesn't make moral arguments, etc.

He's sort of figured it out bottoms up on his own to a degree. And that doesn't bother me much.

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Schiff figured it out because

Schiff figured it out because he is directly affected by economic policy and govt bureaucracy more so than the average person. Also, he wouldn't be a millionaire if his philosophy and economics were wrong.

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And his dad is a libertarian hero/scholar

I'm sure Peter had no lack of anti-goverernment teachings


Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football