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Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser on Elbows smashing the American Dream and Bitcoin vs Banksters

Personally, I have no dog in this bitcoin fight. But since so many here do, all much younger than I, I post yet another take, because youth have time[supposedly] to take risks, (I don't.) But I would caution: Tread lightly. Pay attention to those elbows to your ribs. That's the best this 'Granny' has to offer on bitcoins...

[from the Keiser Report]

"We discuss the elbowed dreams and broken markets that continue to apparently thrive while a hedge fund managers advice for young people is ‘get a job’ (in a hollowed-out wasteland of an economy) and ‘save for retirement’ (with the same banks that have stolen trillions from the global investor).

In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to entrepreneur and inventor, William Mook, about a future in which bitcoin means banks will not even be needed and 3D printing makes factories obsolete but a present day in which financial wise guys have stopped investing in the economy because there is no fuel supply to support the growth."


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