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Congressman Who Created The TSA Flips Out Over Waste

Mica completely annihilates Big Sis. Details are infuriating.

The Oversight Committee hearing examines the excessive and wasteful spending in the face of sequestration. Janet Napolitano gets busted, jobs are threatened, Mica gets seriously pissed by the end. Hearing took place March 19.

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Love the way

this YouTube video is Censoring comments...geeze. So I'll post my comment here (:

Mr. Mica, you seem so Shocked at the bloated DHS and TSA, but really what did you expect? You know better than most that ALL "govt" agencies are bloated with lazy useless administrators - sucking from the taxpayer teat. But you now have a platform for your outrage: Please sponsor a BILL to eliminate the DHS and with it the TSA! (then you can tackle FEMA, EPA, BATFE, and all the other unconstitutional alphabet soup "agencies" that cause Citizens harm and add Zero value.)

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa