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The sky is falling!

SEOUL — The North Korean army said Thursday it had final approval to launch "merciless" military strikes on the United States, involving the possible use of "cutting-edge" nuclear weapons.

Really? They can barely light their cities at night and I'm to believe they anywhere near capable of attacking anything ?!?!


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The reason they can't light a

The reason they can't light a city, feed the people, and have so little for the average person is because they put it all into building the military. The cost of their program has been huge.

The threat could be very real. Even if they only hit us with one or two and we responded China and or Russia could step in (close to home for them). This new government has not been tested.

A good explination...

Of North Koreas possible intentions can be found here:


How long will people keep

How long will people keep falling for the same old story? Even I finally quite believing the pack of lies that comes out of every administration's mouth.

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Looks like its finally going

Looks like its finally going to be time for Kim Jong Un to pay off the checks he wrote with his mouth.

If Seattle takes a nuke - you can be sure it won't have come...

...from Korea.

But it could come from the CIA to fire up the populace for another war they thirst for.

I worry about a CIA nuclear attack on Seattle, Portland or Oakland.

I put NOTHING past the CIA and elements of the U.S. government.

Is it time for a West Coast 9/11???

And instead of spending 4 billion a week in the Middle East, by now we could have had the most advanced anti-missile system in history in place.

But I don't think they really WANT a missile defense system because that would close the option of the U.S. government actually attacking the U.S. itselfwhich again - I would not put past them for a minute.

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if we go to war...

if?.........it will become a waste land. nothing gained and more debt to keep us slaved in. that's it that's all.

You are talking about a

You are talking about a country capable of developing nuclear weapons...proven, and you think they cant handle the simple logistics of delivering that payload? We know they have medium range ballistic missles, we know they have nukes...they probably have submarines. You think they cant sit out in the pacific hundreds of miles off the coast of CA and use those medium range missles to deliver a nuke anywhere on the west coast? For all we know they have subs right now off both the east and west coast armed to the teeth with nukes, submarines are notoriously difficult to locate if they arent moving. No, they certainly have the capability and even if our missle shield shoots them down in the air, that leaves the issue of fallout and EMP pulses if they are detonated at altitude. You are underestimating their ability just because of the little you see of them...all filtered through the MSM I might add, they are our avowed enemy and Americans are arrogant enough to constantly underestimate them. Just like Rome underestimated the barbarians that took it down.

wicked93gs, you are right on

wicked93gs, you are right on target with your evaluation of NK and their military capability. North Korea fought us to a stand still during the 1950-53 war. They are much stronger today -- they have the fourth largest military in the world and have added nuclear weapons to their arsenal. Our homeland has not been seriously threatened since the Revolutionary War, I pray our leaders will avoid a war with NK -- I do not think we are prepared for the death and destruction that could result from such a war.

Is Donald Rumsfeld talking up

another cold war? He had so much practice doing the same thing to Ronald Regan
...sucking him in to spending millions of tax payer dollars to protect the US from a failing state.
Empty your pockets, tax payers, to the Military Industrial Complex, and learn Duck and Cover.

The Pyongyang Times:

The structure of the paper is as follows: The front cover is usually devoted to Kim Jong-il, particularly visits to various institutions in the country and praising his leadership. The next few pages detail various technological and ideological exploits of the nation, followed by propaganda against South Korea, Japan, the United States and other nations who are considered hostile to North Korea.[4] The last pages are similar to that of the Rodong Sinmun, offering "foreign news" — though little major world events are covered, and most of its content is focused on like-minded or socialist nations.[5]

Most of its content, like all North Korean state media, is dedicated to leader Kim Jong-un. More specifically, most of the paper's news is translated from articles in the Rodong Sinmun.[5] It has been described as lacking "actual news"[6] and is "basically a rundown of Mr Kim's daily agenda, with a lot of flattery thrown in for good measure."


It's a delusional regime run by a megalomaniac but I do not believe what our media is touting - something smells familiarly rotten.

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Kim Youngin declares war on

Kim Youngin declares war on the Moon, because the Moon is more brightly lit at night than North Korea.

But check out their high tech

"Just look at this recent photo of the Dear Leader with North Korea's version of the iPad. Now he can play minesweeper on the computer, instead of his old way, by sending peasants into a field."

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