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Florida DJs May Face Felony for April Fools' Water Joke

Florida DJs May Face Felony for April Fools' Water Joke

Florida country radio morning-show hosts Val St. John and Scott Fish are currently serving indefinite suspensions and possibly worse over a successful April Fools' Day prank. They told their listeners that "dihydrogen monoxide" was coming out of the taps throughout the Fort Myers area. Dihydrogen monoxide is water.

The popular deejays are mainly in all this trouble (potentially of a felony level) because their listeners panicked so much — about the molecular makeup of their drinking water, however unwittingly — that Lee County utility officials had to issue a county-wide statement calming the fears of chemistry challenged Floridians.



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Did they indicate that the water was unsafe to drink?

Or just imply it (in the minds of the tv-educated populace) by using the correct name? That's the important distinction.

how can they get in trouble?

they didn't do anything but speak the truth...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

This is yet another example

This is yet another example of how bonkers our regulatory environment has become-- folks can get in trouble with the law for telling the truth.

I manage apartments, and due to fair housing laws, I am not lawfully allowed to truthfully answer many questions prospective renters often pose to me. For example, we operate properties in Clarkston, which is a refugee resettlement zone with refugees from literally dozens of countries. If a prospect calls me and asks, "Is there a Sudanese community at your property?" I am not lawfully allowed to say yes or no, as that could be considered "steering," and thus, diiiiiiiiiiiscriminaaaaaaaaaaaation. I have to answer, "We rent to any applicants who qualify." In Kansas City, Missouri it's illegal to refuse to rent to felons because they're felons. (Seriously)

Illegal everything.


It's like

It's like yelling fire in a theatre that's on fire.