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Rare Cave to be Sealed

The dark underground void uncovered at a North Side construction site offered no clues as to what it held.

Geologist Philip Pearce's job was to find out, and he climbed down the steep and unstable slope using his hands to slow his descent.

What he found below the Ridge at Lookout Canyon Phase II subdivision, near the northern edge of Bexar County, was one of the most decorated caves ever discovered in the area, according to local spelunkers and cave protection associations.

The colors range from bright white and pink to dark red and brown throughout its 450-foot length.

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And someone wanted to build a

And someone wanted to build a sewer line through it. Why would anyone ever think thats a good idea? Especically if its linked to the aquafer where people get their water from.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I grew up in that area.. lots

I grew up in that area.. lots of fun cave exploring in the region. one of the things that got me into geology

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

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Cool Find RobHino

Too bad it is going to be sealed before it can be really explored with a fine tooth comb. I imagine there are a lot explorers and spelunkers who would love the chance to jump in before they seal it.