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Building 7

Building 7, burning bright
In the city, near the site,
What invisible hand or eye
Could frame thy freefall symmetry?

I am dismayed that this made the front page

Is this a "headline" in the fight for liberty? If so, we need a new Editor-in-chief.

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GOOD! Anything that makes you snivel makes me happy...;)

Funny you mention the "fight for liberty" yet call for censorship.

Need some help with that quivering lip?

Funny how you distort the meaning of "censorship"

Well...actually...it's not funny at all. It's tragic. I noted that I'm dismayed it was placed on the front page.

Funny you mention the "fight for liberty" but are doing all you can to lose that fight by turning off mainstream voters. (Again, it's not REALLY funny at all)

Want your precious "investigation"? Win elections. Want to win elections? Learn how to communicate to the American voter. Until then, you'll just be fringers who will not only not see your issues addressed, but we'll all suffer as the statists retain control.

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didn't "distort" anything. YOU called for a "new editor in chief" (who happens to be someone I respect) which is a BLATANT call for censorship.

Secondly, I couldn't personally give a flippety fuck what you OR "mainstream voters" think. I've already done that dance for the last 5+ years.
Don't like it here? Go play on "The Blaze." I'm sure you'll be in good company there. Take a box of tissue with you.

You've done that dance?

When? I've been following your posting for years, and I don't remember you ever coming off as a rational human being.

You, and your ilk, are the cancer that needs to be excised from this movement.

Clearly you have no idea what "censorship" is. I'm expressing an opinion that certain offensive issues shouldn't be raised for tactical reasons, not arguing for government prohibition of those ideas. Saying that I disagree with a moderation decision is not a call for censorship. Nice try.

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course you have been here "for years." I'm guessing your last incarnation was "Jack Parkman." You've caused enough strife here with your quivery lipped sniveling stuffiness.

Replacing the "editor in chief" is not "moderation" it's a (once again) BLATANT call for censorship. That's what they do in North Korea, shortly before they harvest their organs.

You should change your handle to "Kim Jung Sane" you fucking ninny.

"You, and your ilk, are the cancer that needs to be excised from this movement."
Just replace "movement" with "Earth," and you sound just like Hitler or Mao.


And I'm not "Jack Parkman"

But nice try.

How does the Kool-Aid taste?

*in my best Alex Jones crazy idiot voice* Well, if you just move the "n" a few letters back, it's not Santa, it's Satan! See! I just discovered the TWOOF!


Clearly, the fact that I recognize you (and those like you) as political poison and don't want you on the front lines of a political movement means I'm a genocidal tyrant.

You wouldn't know "censorship" if it strangled you so violently your tin foil hat fell off. When you get published on political messaging, let me know. In the meantime, folks like me will be educating your kids. Oh, who am I kidding? If you had kids, you'd probably screw them up so badly that they wouldn't be able to get into a quality college, much less make it far enough along to be taught by the tenured faculty. They'd burn out or they'd drop out for psychological reasons and wind up waiting tables at Cracker Barrel.

If Alex Jones is Political Poison

Why has Ron Paul been going on his show for more than a DECADE? & most of Ron Paul's supporters pre-election run were Alex Jones listeners. How horrible of Alex Jones to be one of the few people promoting Ron Paul before he was actually "popular" & a household name!

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don't usually toot my horn, but do you see that picture in my profile?

That's me just behind Jesse Benton's belly. The man on the left should be obvious. You see that look on his face? That is a look of interest.

BTW, where's your profile pic? Must have a face for radio eh?

Anyway, I don't recall you ever being on the frontlines of anything. All I can recall is you sitting on the sidelines whimpering about "our image."

So how many political pow wows have you had with Dr. Paul?

What's that? NONE!? What a surprise. I doubt you've even met him.

How many times have you written to RP directly and given personally acknowledged and welcomed advice during the campaign?

What? Nada? Figures.

How many times have you written Benton during the campaign?

Oh, you don't have his personal email address? Hmm..

How many members of his family do you know?

None?! Sucks to be you.

Let me make something perfectly clear for you, you sniveling, authoritarian, cowardly sack of puss. I shit more effort than you mustered in both '08 and '12. I made more connections, had more direct impact, and brought more people to the polls than you did, I GUARANTEE IT. And you NEVER saw me bring up 9/11 during EITHER campaign.

You wouldn't know the "frontlines" if it slapped the pacifier out of your mouth. You also wouldn't be around "my kids" or anyone else's for that matter as I find you creepy.

This level of discourse has clearly run its course. So either kindly go find another website to snivel on, or have a nice warm cup of shut the hell up.

Pure idiocy

Wow. You've swapped emails with Jesse Benton? You should be proud.

How do you know I haven't? How do you know I haven't spoken personally to him? You don't. You ask questions and then instantly answer them.

I don't care if you're tight with the campaign. I don't care about your bragging, or about your intentions. I look at what you choose to post here, and how you choose to represent the liberty movement, and I deem you a net liability.

As someone who has looked at campaigns from the inside out--who has studied them, worked in them, learned the theory, and seen the data (both quantitative and qualitative) on how voters react to messages--you're toxic. Period. Your advice is useless, no matter who "acknowledges" it.

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Because it think you're FOS that's how.

I'm willing to put my money where my mouth/keyboard is. You PM me JB's personal email address and I will apologize, send you 100 bucks, and never respond to you again. If you can't/don't by Monday evening then I get to ban your IP from this website as I deem you a "net liability" as well.

You have 72 hours. (7:48pm Central 4/5/13)


The squirrels will do it.

Just like they did on 9/11.

The get blinded by the fire, and swarms of squiggle, nibbly critters just start gnawing on the steel reinforced concrete columns.

Yum! Before you know it the lil fkers make it just like a pancake. They leave big rivers of molten pancake syrup that nobody can explain.

Then, they eat the big pancake, before Mr Inspector can find any of it.

Couldn't find the truther websites?

I think the folks there would love to have this info. You should head over there ASAP.

Oh yeah. Holding my breath right now ...






*PUHHH!!* whew, nahhh cant hold it. I give up.

(It's only a model....)

; )

What would the Founders do?

9 gold & 11 silver coins

Donated to the IDF if it does.

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

Was it hit by the largest tank bullet ever shot before?

Was it built just like twin towers? Stop it..... Look as I've stated I'm pretty much converted into a truther but let's not make ridiculous out of something important.

Ron Paul 2012

I didn't realize

Building 7 was hit by the largest tank bullet ever shot. I assumed that's what this building was being compared to considering the size.

What is the largest tank bullet ever shot?

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie


I can't wait to see it pancake to the ground. Probably AL-CIA-DA. Them sons of bitches! ROFL!

Every time a fire happens...

If I was a billionare, "crazy" projects are the thing I would waste my money on. On such project would be to build a replica of one of the world trade center buildings, and fly a plane into it. It would of course be rigged with just about every sensor you can imagine. Then, we would finally know once and for all just what happened.

Another project that might be more useful would be a space elevator.

To be fair though, only a small part of that building is on fire and even if fire did cause the structure to weaken, I doubt it would have collapsed. Of course then I think of Building 7 and that statement flies out the window.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

A Man Will Hear What He Wants To Hear

and disregard the rest. mmmmmmhhh. Nanananana.


Some say Camomile can help

some say Valerian root.



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