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1,000 Plus Armed Protesters Rally In Lansing Michigan; Lawmakers Nullify NDAA, Tell Gun Grabbing Feds To "Come And Take Them"


Part One of Four


Numbering close to one thousand, heavily armed demonstrators, some in wheelchairs and some in strollers, descended upon the Michigan State Capitol building in Lansing on Wednesday March 20th to draw a line in the sand, telling the Federal government in no uncertain terms that they would oppose any attempts to register or ban any type of currently legal firearm or accessory.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the demonstrators were Republican and Democratic Members of the Michigan House of Representatives and Senators, county sheriffs from around the state of Michigan, and several gun rights organizations.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral author and publisher Doug Giles warms up the crowd with a rousing "God, family, country" speech, and then Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette stands before the crowd vowing to support their 2nd Amendment rights from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The rest of the speakers, including a dozen Michigan legislators and award-winning journalist and 2nd Amendment rights activist Jan Morgan, will be featured in the segments listed below.

Part 2: The Organizers


Part 3: The Lawmakers


Part 4: Award-winning journalist and 2nd Amendment activist Jan Morgan


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Anyone else in Michigan

please click my username - then contact - and send me a shout please. I just got here two months ago and would like to do a little networking :)

The The Long Legged Mac Daddy''s Plan

in slowly going down the crapper

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"


Do you seriously believe that they were neither expecting or planning for our resistance? Their plan depends upon our resistance.

No offense Sonny, we have a long way to go and TPTB are not going to throw in the towel because we had a couple of rally's. They love it when we gather together, it just makes it easier for them to compile their lists. Just sayin'

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

Couldn't agree more

Things will get much worse before they get better. It's always darkest before the dawn.

Thats awesome

Finally, some good positive news stories here on the DP lol.



deacon's picture

mich has NO

gun registration on the books
but they do it anyways
the AG has been informed,as well as the MSP
and what i got for my time and trouble was the run around
and the old saying,"its how we have always done it"
and yet they say we will uphold the 2nd amendment?

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

lol why are they even trying?

They tried gun registration in Canada and gave up on it. In the end it will be a black market in guns like the drug trade.