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Colorado sheriffs hold rally opposing more gun control laws, before Obama's speech in Denver


"Sixteen sheriffs held a noon news conference at a Denver's Fred Thomas Park, calling it a "pre-buttal" to Obama's "advocacy visit" at 3 p.m. The rally was about a mile from the Denver Police Academy, where the president is meeting with law enforcement and community leaders to discuss the gun control package recently signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

"We are here to provide a voice to the millions of honest, law-abiding Coloradans who were ignored by their governor as well as by the majority (Democratic) party at the State House," Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith told a crowd of gun supporters, who whistled and shouted "Yee-HAW!" as the uniformed sheriff's stood in line, some holding up an American flag.

"We watched the president, New York billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the leaders of his party as they're now throwing their political clout behind continued efforts to pose yet more and more gun control laws on Colorado," Smith said."

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Good for them!

Thanks for posting.



...then maybe we'll start believing in you.


We just legalized ganja in CO. Don't harsh my mellow.