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Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster

Researchers have discovered that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has had far-reaching health effects more drastic than previously thought: young children born on the US West Coast are 28 percent more likely to develop congenital hyperthyroidism.

In examining post-Fukushima conditions along the West Coast, researchers found American-born children to be developing similar conditions that some Europeans acquired after the 1986 meltdown of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

“Fukushima fallout appeared to affect all areas of the US, and was especially large in some, mostly in the western part of the nation,” researchers from the New York-based Radiation and Health Project wrote in a study published by the Open Journal of Pediatrics.

Children born after the 2011 meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant are at high risk of acquiring congenital hyperthyroidism if they were in the line of fire for radioactive isotopes. Researchers studied concentration levels of radioiodine isotopes (I-131) and congenital hypothyroid cases to make the association.

Just a few days after the meltdown, I-131 concentration levels in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon and Washington were up to 211 times above the normal level, according to the study. At the same time, the number of congenital hypothyroid cases skyrocketed, increasing by an average of 16 percent from March 17 to Dec. 31, 2011. And between March 17 and June 30, shortly after the meltdown, newly born children experienced a 28 percent greater risk of acquiring hyperthyroidism.


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Sorry to be a buzz kill on the scare here.

Because the treatment is simple, effective, and inexpensive, nearly all of the developed world practices newborn screening to detect and treat congenital hypothyroidism in the first weeks of life. Congenital hypothyroidism is the most common preventable cause of mental retardation. Few treatments in the practice of medicine provide as large a benefit for as small an effort. It's really not a big deal since newborn screening detects and is easily able to treat this. Sorry to be a buzz kill on the scare here.

Russia Today says so, eh? Ha!

Russia Today says so, eh? Ha!

Why is it that every day

Why is it that every day here there are a pile of new tabloid-style topic titles that distort the truth? It's become a game of who can come up with the wackiest title based loosely on a grain of truth. It's like people are competing for sparking the biggest reaction.

The rate of thyroid problems is NOT almost a third. Read it again. It's like saying we're making draconian 50% budget cuts when we're only talking about the baseline.

Everyone at the time should have been taking natural iodine

to avoid drawing in radioactive iodine. Most western people are deficient in iodine and will end up with the radioactive stuff in their bodies. Thyroid stores iodine.

Uh didn't the government tell you about that? You would think the media would have warned the public?

I live here on the west coast

I live here on the west coast this sucks...