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Jag Tv: Realtime Liberty Cable Network

I'm surprised I haven't been able to find a post about this


"Libertarian Republic Editor Austin Petersen interviewed Jennifer Grossman about a new libertarian television network being planned for a fall 2013 launch.

Grossman’s ambitious project seeks to build a TV channel that does more than just compete with Fox News. Her plans to build programming based around the ideas of liberty would serve a broader audience than the more narrow mission of Fox to represent the voice of American conservativism.

Her idea for a libertarian lifestyle network would focus less on news and more on the concepts that living a freer life would entail. ( ... more ...)

Whether it’s paleo diets, personal liberty or questioning common knowledge and cultural norms, JAG TV could be a brand new paradigm in television.

Grossman’s unique background in conservative and libertarian politics is likely to be a critical factor in gaining the credibility the network will need to gain support as the voice for freedom lovers across the nation.


"I was with Arianna Huffington, my old mentor, applying lipstick in the ladies’ room and she asked “Daaaahlink, what are you doing for fun thee days?” I said I was starting a new libertarian network in my free time. So if only to save face, I knew I couldn’t turn back."

lol, and

"We believe most people ARE libertarians, they just don’t know it yet.

JAGTV will be their “gateway drug to freedom” — a fun, addictive and ultimately mind altering product that gets you hooked until one day you’re dazed, laying on the ground, with a copy of Road to Serfdom in your hand, wondering what the hell just happened."


LOL yeah I would tune in to check that out.

Anybody else see this?

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