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What Peter Schiff Told Me This Morning...

by Simon Black | April 3, 2013

As mentioned yesterday about our recent Offshore Tactics Workshop it was easily the most exhausting yet exhilarating thing I’ve done.

I’ve now retreated from the bustle of the big city to my Sovereign Valley farm for some rest and reflection, and yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting Peter Schiff and his wife for the evening.

In between getting beaten by Peter in ping pong and eating delicious organic food from the farm, Peter and I sat down and recorded something for you. You’ll hear us talk about:

- The difference between Ben Bernanke’s printing press and my printing press
- Why you should think twice about buying farmland unless you’re a farmer
- Farming in the United States vs Chile
- What happens when you speak the truth
- Peter’s advice on getting out of the US dollar and US assets


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I think I figured out why Peter makes me queasy these days.

His focus is always on making money. For an "End the Fed" guy, he sure wants to churn all the FRNs he can.
Yes, buying farmland is probably a bad "investment" unless you want to feed your family after the electronic door at Wal-Mart stops working. I see Peter enjoys delicious organic food, he seems to think we all need to just earn money and buy organic food.... from Monsatan? We need to ALL become farmers, and we need to try to STOP promoting the "getting rich is all that matters" mentality.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



You Cannot Escape

You can't really escape tyranny--it will come to get you.

In the past, if you were lucky, you could go west and die before it caught up, but your children would then have to fight the battle.

I'm hoping that this time, when tyranny comes, people will stay and fight. That's one thing that's so wonderful about our country and its constitution: it clearly reserves that right and the proper procedure to the People. We don't have to break any laws (unconstitutional laws are null and void, not laws at all) to do it.

That can't be said in most other countries.

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I Think Jim Rogers Did It

Take a look at his books "Investment Biker" and "Adventure Capitalist".
He gives some great tips on foreign travel and what to look out for in each country. He was traveling north from S.America to the USA, but it shouldn't make too much difference.


... does anyone know it's feasible to drive to Chile from the US armed with a US passport?

Minimim set of countries in between are:

Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, and Peru, with El Salvador and Ecuador as potential shortcuts along the way.

By feasible, I mean without encountering a border where they point you back the direction whence you came, having to visit visa hell before setting out, or getting waylaid along the way.

if anyone knows or has an idea.

Ran across this today.


The warning about Panama is pretty serious, and Columbia looks pretty grim as well.

With or without you are talking about a dangerous journey.

It's hard to under-emphasize the risk of that you suggest. You are talking about places with corrupt government officials, drug gangs, paramilitary armies and street gangs galore. It's hard to say what will get you in more trouble: them knowing you have guns or thinking you don't. That equation is gonna keep inverting on you from nation to nation and area to area.

Now do I know people who have made this journey? Several times? Yeah but these are people who speak flawless Spanish, they understand these cultures and they do most of the trip dressed in rags and in bare feet. They can disappear into the culture and actually be somewhat invisible. And their stories almost ALWAYS involve long and tense hours of negotiating with happy characters here described. I wouldn't myself do that trip without a guide.

My advice? Throw everything into shipping containers, send them out of Los Angeles, fly down and pick everything up in Santiago. And up arming locally no matter what the legalistics has the advantages of stealth.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Texans don't even cross the border anymore.

Even the Mexican-Americans. You aren't even guaranteed safe if you are an illegal going home for a visit. They hold anyone for ransom now.

Thanks Ralph, it's hard to tread that fear mongering line...

know what I mean?

I studied Latin America pretty heavy when I took my degree because I was interested in how dictatorships transitioned into anything NOT military dictatorship, learned Spanish half decent, planned to go down there but I was able to do all my thesis research right here becasuse....well guess why?

All the people I would want to talk to were flooding up here as refugees. Where they could actually talk about their experiences.

I heard things you never see in print. I have heard things that many of us simply could not stand to hear, I have seen people scream and run out of rooms when we read transcripts from our interviews.

So yeah, "stay to main roads, travel during the daylight, try to use your credit cards to establish a trail, stick with international brands" will get you through a good % of the time with prudence or....

it can land you in a ditch with your hands tied behind your back, grass in your mouth and a bullet in your head. And it's harsh and I don't mind being the voice of caution here....


Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

I met a man in Colombia who

I met a man in Colombia who had ridden his motorcycle from Washington.

I am in the logistics field

And there is a reason South Americans at times will ship goods via ocean to points in their own country. Not only is the Amazon a place to disapear but the roads are some of the most dangerous in the world.


Good luck

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

i definitely have been

i definitely have been keeping an eye on south america and australia as possible future places to live. or somewhere not crowded polluted and crime ridden.. seems almost everywhere in the us now in cities there is major problems

More information on the farm...

Sounds incredible. Where in Chile. Do you have land for sale for investment?