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Nightmare: How the government recruits snitches

BBC News: ...Take the case of 46-year-old John Horner, a fast-food restaurant worker who was prescribed painkillers after he lost an eye in an accident in 2000. Three years ago he was befriended by a man called Matt (not his real name).

"We kind of clicked right off the bat. One day he came to where I worked. We were standing there talking, and I realised he was in pain," says Horner. "He laid it out on me, 'Look dude, I can either pay my rent or go buy my prescriptions. I can't do both.' I decided Matt was a friend. I said, 'I'll help you out.'"

What Horner didn't know was that Matt was an informant working for the Osceola County Sheriff's Office in central Florida.

Over a period of several weeks, Horner provided Matt with four bottles of prescription pain pills - morphine and hydrocodone. He says he also lent him money. On the last occasion Horner handed over pills, he was arrested.

"The next thing I know I got a guy's knee in the back of my neck grinding my face into the concrete. I'm told, 'You're under arrest for trafficking.'"

- - -

So John gets sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 25 years in the slammer. Guess what he can do to reduce that sentence?

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drug war is dirty

as is war on terror -big big assaults on the constitution

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

There are days I think I should just quit my job and go back

to school and become a lawyer.
25 years for selling some pills - mandatory.
Let review CT state laws and mandatory sentences. You know - CT - home of the STRICTESS gun laws in the nation now.

The first number is mandatory minimum - the second is actually a MAXIMUM - yes - there is a maximum number of years you can server for murder - go figure.

Murder with Special Circumstances

Murder with special circumstances


Life imprisonment without possibility of release


Class A Felonies



25 years

60 years

Felony murder


25 years

60 years

Assault of pregnant woman resulting in termination of pregnancy


10 years

25 years

Aggravated sexual assault of a minor


● 1st offense: 25 years

● Subsequent offense: 50 years

50 years

Kidnapping 1st degree


One year (+)

25 years

Kidnapping 1st degree with a firearm


One year (+)

25 years

Home invasion


10 years (+)

25 years

Employing a minor in an obscene performance


10 years

25 years

Class A or B Felonies (Depending on Circumstances)

Sexual assault 1st degree


Two, five, or 10 years depending on the conduct and victim's age * ^ +

20 or 25 years depending on the conduct and victim's age

Aggravated sexual assault 1st degree


Five, 10, or 20 years depending on the conduct and victim's age * ^ +

20 or 25 years depending on the conduct and victim's age

So lets compare:
Sell pills - 25 years
Sexual assault(1st degree) - 5 years

Sell pills - 25 years
Injury or risk of injury to a minor (involving contact with intimate parts of a minor under age 13) - 5 years

Sell pills - 25 years
Home invasion - 10 years MAXIMUM of 25

I realize we are comparing Florida to CT - but it is quite shocking the comparisons

How else will we retain our number 1 ranking?

Over the past 30 years, according to a new report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the federal prison population has jumped from 25,000 to 219,000 inmates, an increase of nearly 790 percent. Swollen by such figures, for years the United States has incarcerated far more people than any other country, today imprisoning some 716 people out of every 100,000.

When they set up my mentally ill son

they used similar tactics.
The guy that befriended my son had been busted and rather than
throw his buddies under the bus he picked out the Schizophrenic that lived down the street from him.

The drug task force showed up over a year later at my house(I'm assuming they waited a year because right after they had set him up he ended up in the mental ward and after that we sold his home and moved him home with us)
But when they showed up at my house it was to let him know they had
him BUT if he worked with them it would help his case. Needless to say I gave them a earful for setting up a Schizophrenic that was out of his mind at the time, they threatened to arrest me for interfering and then hauled my son off and charged him. I was able to get the charges dropped to a possession charge but he still did 6 months in prison.

Isn't that called


What is the point of creating lawlessness and then slamming down on it? The informant is the guilty one - he broke the law first. Why fill the jails with unassuming, non-criminal-minded people who are just trying to get by?

I don't understand the logic.

Is it for job security?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

This is how they turn us

This is how they turn us against the other, fucking disgusting........create the crime and then threaten with 30 years "kidnapping"........or become them, by fucking people over

Fvgfgghlkggffgck cunts, this gets my blood boiling, their corrupting the inocent, to give the world more of THEM

hey thanks, gomez

100% agree! Private prisons (Cheney) need business.

"Nothing personal, its just

"Nothing personal, its just business" :(

I could punch that phrase right in the eyeball, if i were prone to random acts of violence, which im not, but still..........right in the eyeball


I've heard a similar story, someone who was busted for

pot in Florida - they put him in horribly dangerous situations, when he said he'd had enough, the Feds prosecuted him and he was sentenced to much more time than if he had not played their game.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

They tried to do it to a family member

The cop busted the 18 year old kid for a tiny amount of pot, then, instead of arresting him, he called the kid daily for two weeks, threatening him with prison, to get him to snitch on a dealer. The kid had never dealt with a dealer, so he didn't know anything, but that didn't matter...the cop wanted to use him as bait in a set up anyway.

The kid, seeing no way out, nearly committed suicide.

After two weeks, the kid broke down and told his father, who immediately got a lawyer, and stopped the calls. In the end, at great expense, the kid escaped mostly unscathed, thanks to some quick thinking by the father.

I was just thinking how many

I was just thinking how many suicides we're the cause of this disgusting behaviour that we would never know about,
...... stands to reason, if theres one, there may be others
It would not surprise me, anyone of us, stuck between a rock and a hard place, FORCED to throw away our become one of them, and do the things they do, knowing what you do, heart goes out to the good people in this position, and "something" else, to those who force it on you

snitches get stitches


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Rand Paul 2016

Gov't Fear

This news just gets me worked up.

Years about hearing trafficking of drugs or whatever else there is to "traffic" that for a half year I've been thinking a large percentage of the crime reported on news isn't crime and is stories like this one, a set up, a government caused crime that ONLY the government CAN DO and that ONLY the government DOES DO.

I'm tired of these Wraiths from Mordor swooping in to lock down a brotherly person based on astounding ignorance of or brainwashing for the ring of authority.

I'm on the edge of believing a lot of crime isn't crime and that what is crime is government performed or situated from extreme law-making, the defining of interaction between individuals privately and voluntarily that just their interaction becomes crime. The government is criminalizing people helping each other, for crying out loud. The government is criminalizing humanity.

I'm for the US Constitution, but when I hear these stories, I tend to lean to private protection, which if thought through is a group of people protecting each other, which is what a gang is for the most part. Consequently, because thuggery almost is exclusive to itself, State agents of force will, ironically, be forced to pull back on their behavior. I fear that's what is needed to inculcate the constitution back into police men and other agents of the State. If police and other such agents fear the people, you'll see them change for the better and change fast. People want to live their lives. Police, however, now are positioned to invade peoples lives. Again, fast change if law is tweaked to empower the individual against force agents.

You so-called law enforcement people -- law enforcement, a phrase whose meaning should be reflected on including how and, allowing that reflection to inform you, why it came about -- should be well underway in planning how to rein in your partners, because if you don't, your very kind will be your ends. Let's be frank: If you're a State agent "authorized" to carry out harm and are on this website and reading this comment, you're among very few such agents who give a damn about what you do. If your kind continues to behave how it does, meaning the poor actors of your kind aren't exposed publically and therefore avoid shame by the public, then you just aren't doing your job.

As you are supposed to be the public's safety, we without question always are yours about which there is no getting around because of the public's nature, that we are going about our business, never getting into yours. But how you police men and other state protectors are positioned, the line is fine between fulfilling your mandate and exploiting the public. You agents who are longtime DP readers should be well underway in devising plans of restoring respect in what you do. Really, considering those plans and if you are earnest in your effort to that restoration, you should be near implementing those plans. There's no excuse. Not now. Not in these times. Not in this year, 2013, and certainly not after this year. Too much time has passed and too much State agent brutality has occurred to not soon implement removal of bad actors in your line of work. We're talking at least 70 years of this crap; argument can be made for more than 70 years.

Recommendation: Use recording devices to record every such agent and archive those recordings. Archive logs the agent should make every hour. Install black box recording devices and in GPS their cars; record every turn of their vehicle's wheels. Archive their routes so that they can be compared to their scheduled routes if need be. Show no tolerance of State actor abuse of the public. That's right. None. Fire them after their first offense and fine them heavily, where that fine is at least the monetary amount of training school. Perhaps the money can be given back to the state or your office can retain the money to use it only for training and cancel out the would-be tax money your office would receive the following year.

One more recommendation: Bar offenders from working in government again. As well, because that person breached his trust with the public, that person's record of breach could be accessible to the public, where even a person considering hiring the offender, someone the employer likely wouldn't know is an offender, can look through a data base consisting of offender names and all the information of their offense.

Government agents of force, your kind is out of control. The time has come to police yourselves. You good agents, you got work to do.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

This makes me

wanna break stuff.

That'll teach him!

I bet he won't be so generous and sympathetic next time a friend is in pain!

Osceola County Sheriff's Office: Keeping the community safe from random acts of kindness!

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard


my mom's brother's wife's son-n-law is an undercover cop. He sets people up like that all the time. He even set up a guy I know. They have been doing it for years. You see the same thing with the FBI as well.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Whitey Bulger was a government snitch

out here in Boston. He was on the FBI's payroll, and while on said payroll, he did a lot of dirty s#!^. Then after decades on the lam, he got caught. Now he's back in the pokey, and the Feds want to try him.

Bulger says "Wait a minute - not so fast! We had a deal!"

BOSTON -- Reputed Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger kept his end of a bargain to cooperate with the government in exchange for immunity from federal prosecution, and now the government should keep theirs, Bulger's attorneys say.

Bulger should be able to present evidence about the alleged deal during his trial over his role in 19 killings, his attorneys argued in papers filed Monday in federal court in Boston.

Prosecutors said in their response that Bulger's claim is "absurd."

Bulger's lawyers said in their brief that Bulger has never claimed – as prosecutors have said – that he had "a license to kill," only that he can't be prosecuted for federal crimes committed while the deal was in effect. They concede he could be prosecuted by state authorities.

"The defendant did not possess a license to kill but rather an agreement with the Department of Justice," they wrote. "He seeks only that the DOJ honor its promise to refrain from prosecution."