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Lives ruined and some justice - some 25 years later!

"We have periodically discussed the infamous case of Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton, now a MSNBC host. In 1987, Brawley, a black teenager, falsely accused a prosecutor, a New York police officer and a state trooper of a racist attack and rape. The racial animus was fueled actively by Al Sharpton who sued the case to propelled himself into national fame or infamy. She later recanted and a court ordered damages to be paid by both Brawley and Sharpton — neither of whom paid. Now the falsely accused former Dutchess County prosecutor Steven Pagones has tracked down Brawley living in Virginia and working as a nurse. It is 25 years after the sordid affair was in the national spotlight. He is seeking $190,000 in damages against Brawley, now 40."
Be sure to read some of the comments left:
“I feel sorry for 28-year-old Fishkill Police Officer Harry Crist Jr., who committed suicide a week after the false charges were made against him.” -Jonathan Turley

(1) Tawana and her 2 grifter parents went along with the hoax because Sharpton & Co. lined their pockets. Ralph King got a new Cadillac, Glenda Brawley got several thousand dollars a week (which she never paid taxes on). Tawana got a $35,000 Rolex and made tens of thousands speaking on college campuses. Glenda Brawley claims she was cheated because Sharpton only gave her $300,000 and she was promised $1 million if she went along with the hoax.

(2) Sharpton lied repeatedly, defaming anybody who spoke the truth: the Democratic AG, the police, the FBI, the medical experts. He made up stories about 1-armed rapists, DNA on Tawana, etc.




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