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Eric Idle of Monty Python regrets opening a twitter account

The Monty Python star opened an account on Twitter in October (12), but he has not enjoyed the experience and blames "rude" users for putting him off.

In a post on his official blog, Idle writes, "It gives strangers a chance to be breathtakingly rude to you. In fact being rude to the celebrated may be the main point of Twitter for its adherents. I got one (message) the other day, accusing me of being money-grabbing. I'm not sure of the context in which they found it necessary to search me out and abuse me but I know I hated them instantly. I rarely concern myself with money, and almost never at the start of any project...

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One NWO behavior-change goal to trick people into considering their online presence as a real person.

"Post only nice things, or else you might hurt that other avatar's feelings."

That's called transhumanism combined with cultural marxism. If you recognize the phrase above, you are dangerously close to crossing over into the matrix.

Be smarter than Eric Idle. Be smarter than "I am" Ron Paul.

Welll....does he regret it for the right reasons?

I mean, if everyone was fawning all over him, would he like it then? Is it only because his skin is a little thin and he cares a bit too much what the general public think that is causing his distaste?

There are lots of reasons to shun social media like Twitter and Facebook which is why I don't use them.

In the past, I've seen those on MSNBC (like Chris Mathews for instance) and elsewhere taken online vicious posts and have used them as an excuse to regulate the internet. I'm sure it has probably been used for the Sandy Hook stuff. Vicious posts come with freedom. You want freedom then you'll have to deal with it...or don't put yourself out there.

Eric Idle is my favorite

I don't blame him from regreting something like that. People can be cruel.



Always look on the bright

Always look on the bright side of life, Eric!