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Mingo Sheriff Shot Dead; Suspect In Hospital After Police Pursuit

Maynard’s godmother described the man blamed for the shooting as a person she thought was harmless.

She said he had spent time in Highland Hospital and blames the incident on his mental condition, not revenge for the sheriff's crackdown on drugs.

"He doesn't do drugs. He was on some medication the doctor ordered," Maynard’s friend, Gleneda Fischer, said. "I feel bad for him. I feel bad for Eugene Crum and his family." http://www.wchstv.com/newsroom/eyewitness/130403_15097.shtml CAN ANYONE SAY SSRI!

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I live about 15 mins from

I live about 15 mins from williamson, a measly little police force will not curve the 60% of the pop using "illegal" drugs. The biggest problem here is pills, but if the doctors say its ok then they can do nothing except take their anger out on potheads around here.

We will never know what prescription meds the sheriff was on.

They are presumed to be as innocent as him, and you know all law enforcement personnel are of the highest order, all are angels and saints and above all scrutiny.

That is why the want to make it a crime to film a cop on duty.


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If we keep saying it...

Maybe people will finally start to get it.

You won't hear it on the lame street media as the pharmaceuticals fund and RUN these corporate scumbags media whores.

Big pharma has run this country long enough. We need class action lawsuits against them for endangering our livliehood.

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