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This just in: France surrenders to North Korea

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The French people?

No, the French LEADERSHIP was culpable not the people, per se.

I think I would have been part of the French Resistance...

Following the German invasion of France in 1940, Pétain -then 84 years old - was recalled to active military service as adviser to the minister of war. On June 16, 1940, he succeeded Paul Reynaud as premier of France and soon afterward he asked the Germans for an armistice, which was concluded on June 22. On July 2, with the consent of the Germans, he established his government in Vichy in central France, and on July 10 he assumed the title of chief of state, ruling thereafter with dictatorial powers over that portion of France not directly under German control. Pétain and his prime minister, Pierre Laval, established a Fascist-oriented government that became notorious for its collaboration with German dictator Adolf Hitler. The Vichy government ruled with Germany's approval, appointing all government officials, controlling the press, and practicing arbitrary arrests. The government also passed anti-Semitic laws and rounded up French, Spanish, and Eastern European Jews who were deported to German concentration camps.


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This is a very snotty attitude.

Do you know France lost 100,000 soldiers in resisting the Nazis in 6 weeks in 1940? Give them credit for the resistance they put up!

Sometimes there's humor

Otherwise you die with a frown....

It just is what it is.

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To be fair, they only

To be fair, they only surrender when someone actually invades. If North Korea manages to invade France, we might have bigger problems to worry about such as their army and techonology being alot more scary than thought.

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That's Why Our Family Left France

...in 1634.

Not funny

at all

We should all surrender to North Korea

It's not like they can get over here and do anything to us. And boy would that undermine their government's tactic of keeping the people afraid of us all the time. As opposed to running training exercises near their border. Unless their government just doesn't tell them.

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Ah the French

Somehow it is still always funny to make fun of the french...

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The French will get exactly what they deserve, TOO. Like anybody

The French, my people, will get exactly what they deserve, TOO. Like anybody else does.

One can only hope to get what they REALLY paid for.

One ALWAYS loses what they've been neglecting for too long.


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The French

Were actually a big part of why we won the revolution. Without them we might be kneeling to a different kind of crown.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

John Adams went to France to beg for help.

It certainly wasn't charity on their part. Since the U.S. was the enemy of their enemy, Britain, they became de facto allies with money to loan.

And in a way France had a similar relationship to the fledgling U.S. that China has to N. Korea - They knew that if they didn't help out there would be lots of penniless refuges who would either flee (from Britain) to French shores or otherwise disrupt French trading interests in North America.

When the Revolutionary war was over and Adams became president we almost went to war with France! It would have come to be known as 'Cold War I'.


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We fought the revolution

We fought the revolution against Rothschild's Bank of England. America lost the revolution in the long run, because here we are, kneeling to the one Bank to rule them all

D-Day payed them back with

D-Day payed them back with interest

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