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Rand Paul to speak in NH

He is certainly posturing for a presidential run. :)

BOSTON (AP) - Republican Sen. Rand Paul is set to appear in New Hampshire next month, becoming the first potential 2016 presidential candidate to deliver a formal speech in the state likely to host the nation's first presidential primary.

The New Hampshire Republican Party confirmed Wednesday that the first-term senator from Kentucky will deliver the keynote address at its first Liberty Dinner on May 20. The location has yet to be determined.

"Sen. Rand Paul has been a leader in the fight for smaller government, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility in Washington," said state GOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "I am honored that Sen. Paul has agreed to address our party and I look forward to welcoming him to the Granite State."

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is also scheduled to attend the New Hampshire event.


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He better make it a good speech

He is on the wrong side of PC on the gun issue. He needs to start being ore specific on budget and spending for domestic programs. Some would argue that it's too early I bet.

believe it or not

Around November of this year, you will start to see Presidential Exploratory Committees set up.

By mid to late Spring of 2014 you will see official campaigns declared.


No takers..?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul