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Newtown Mother Exposes Sandy Hook Corruption...Husband Dies the Next Day

So, aside from the school shooting, what in the world has been going on in Newtown, and all public schools for that matter? I was left simply speechless by this mothers testimony. Her words speak volumes...and in my opinion, very much truth.

Also see:
Another mother of Sandy Hook students, Susan Getzinger, alleges fraud in the school system in October 2011, and her husband Scott died a few months later. Scott was also the prop master for the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises', in which many speculate he is the person responsible for the map that appears in the movie with the words 'Sandy Hook' on it. Scotts death, as it just so happens, was also just months prior to the release of the movie.

Exclusive interview with Susan Getzinger:

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So the husband dying six

So the husband dying six months later you have twisted to mean "husband dies the next day". Great post, would make any tabloid.

This is why I'm embarrassed to even read this site, let alone suggest anyone come here. It has become a game of who can make the most shocking headline by distorting the facts.

Yes, seriously...

learn how to read...As someone mentioned below, There are TWO SEPARATE individuals who died. This is why I'm embarrassed to even feel the need to reply to someone such as yourself. Good riddance.

De criminalize Liberty!

You'd probably like the

You'd probably like the cryptic, elusive, nondescript, teaser headlines Huffington Post uses on every article, that I refuse to click on any of.

You just go over there, you'll be happier over there.

Linda Cross's picture

If you don't like the Daily Paul, leaving is just a click away.

For me it's my first source of news and information. If something is happening, like the current situation with North Korea, I turn here for links to news stories and honest opinions from those who tell what they honestly think, no matter what the outcome. Most here are crazy, as crazy is one standard deviation from the mean. Friends said I was crazy in 2007 when I told them to sell their Real Estate, pay off their debts and hunker down. I'm never embarrassed by what someone else says, it's called freedom of speech. Enjoy it while you can, it won't be around much longer.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.


There are 2 separate incidents being talked about here. One woman's husband died on good Friday this year.

Oops, didn't notice, sorry. I

Oops, didn't notice, sorry. I would have been right saying this type of thing most of the time, with all the BS people make up on here. It just so happens that at this time the broken clock is right.

For anyone who is still obsessed about Sandy Hook, are we not all aware that all these types of stories the media puts out are not only propaganda, but time wasters? People who believe them get caught up in the propaganda, and some people who don't believe them get caught up just the same in trying to prove it all wrong. People who use these stories as propaganda would absolutely love for you guys to be wasting your time trying to unravel events like this in games of mental masturbation instead of paying attention to the country's larger and real problems.

The awakening

The Rothschild family and their ZIO followers support their multi generational genocidal control over humanity.

My view is that Rothschild private property IzUnReal is the center of this planet's problems.

Until humanity takes away the false debt control tool, "Rothschild central banks", humanity will continue to suffer false debt slavery and suffer many more genocidal events.


Another idiot opens his mouth

If Khazars or Evangelical Zionists can micro-manage US, CIA, FBI and police, what prevents them to micro-manage your wife? Since you think about Khazars often, they may indeed control your brain.

Or may be you are a CIA agent sent to discredit Ron Paul movement as a collectivist bigots and idiotic conspiracy theorists thus diverting away from real problem - socialist-progressive dogma and religious dogma to sacrifice for "common good"?

Changed my mind dont think i can take another dose of yah



because you replyed to my post i take it your calling me an


Well how to respond. Look at all your down votes would that imply that others who have read your statement do not agree with you.

What good does it do to call a fool a fool?

So I wont engage in your nonsense. As for the rest of your post its not even sensibe and relevant enough to reply and has nothing at all to do with what I had posted to cause your insane fowel outburst. I wont block you yet, but your very close to getting on my list.


And maybe

You and he are the same person working for an agency and playing both sides so as to have credibility on this website no matter which road this site goes down.

So why don't you stop the personal name calling and present facts!

Both born around the same time within days, I see.


Wonder what got him so emotional to sling the Idiot term out there?



I was pretty confused because this is the first I have heard of this mother and the corruption in the school district (beyond conspiracy theories).

This article helps:

I didn't realize school districts were given $400 for every child with a learning disability. That sure does incentivise teachers and administrators to find a problem with students, and recommend pharma therapy.


Thanks for the link..

added to original post. I see now the confusion you might have had (headline might suggest it's regarding the shooting?). My apologies. Not sure If I should update headline to something different...

De criminalize Liberty!

Yeah, it kinda does, at

Yeah, it kinda does, at least it did for me

If you require an official request to do so, then, i do so :), if you want to

Im not that bothered with the title, either way, knowledge is appreciated

trying to understand--

I know that what she is talking about is valid, but it is quite clear that she is going to be ignored--

especially if she is speaking the truth--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Thanks for posting.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)


This is what blows my mind... these people commit fraud, murder, and theft on a massive scale as a way of life, and our plan is to use their rigged system to vote them out. We need to Jubilee them away. Yes, yes, people who don't deserve it will get forgiven. That would include me, how about you?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I agree with your assesment but

I think a solution of Jubilee will not ever occur and is an unrealistic solution because it can never be acomplished.

The reason it wont be acomplished is because the national debts are not real debt but rather control tools. The whip to a slave. Yes false debt slaves.

They can digitize into creation unlimited wealth and do, so you see collecton of debt is not important as the claim of debt.

The real solution lies within yourself as an individual.

Seems you understand the problem quite well. When faced with an enemy that has overwhealming superiority you have to disengage.

I call it enlightened disengagement. Instead of bullets at the power use seeds. Feed yourself, you may not think your capable of doing this but humans have done it for a very long time before Rothschild debt slavery convinced us that we have to have money to eat.

Individually we have to withdraw our support for false debt slavery. When a critical mass sets the example most everyone will follow. Its about the future of humanity. I cut this very short there are many enlightened disengagement stratigies beyone just planting a seed that was just one breif example.


I will confess to "faith" on this.

Every fiber of my being tells me it is coming, even when I cannot rationally believe it myself.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Stop with the shameful recommendations

Historic precedent predicted that the average person would reach a point of exasperation after which they would start pretending that their own voluntarily incurred debts were not actually their debts at all.

Anyone who is that shameful already has embraced the NWO. They are a Wall Street bankster looking for a bailout.

It is not my idea.

It is God's. I tell Him you find it shameful.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

So now the world follows hebrew mythology?

Guess again.

Unfortunatly most of humanity

Does follow the Hebrew propaganda.


Good ideas are where you find them.

And obviously, the world is NOT following Hebrew mythology, or we would already have had the Jubilee at least once in my lifetime.
So, are you really telling me you have no need of forgiveness? You are pretty special.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I have no debt

A jubilee is never anything other than fraud.

I ridicule those who try to condescend toward me about spirituality.

I smirk at those who are arrogant spiritually.

You have debt. Your inability to acknowledge that is interesting. You may not owe anyone money, but your lack of willingness to forgive something s trivial as fiat currency debts is not flattering.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I have no debt

I did the due diligence thing and made sure to not fall for bubble swindles.

Others who did fall for such swindles are trying after the fact to avoid having to learn as they burn. I have no obligation toward their childish demands for renewed solvency.

The US GOVERNMENT woujld dispute your claim

They would say that the TRILLIONS of compounding national debt that was counterfited into existance are your debt.

So my point is even tho you have agreed to no debt nor borrowed from anyone. Still these Rothschild mafia agents lay a claim of false debt upon you.

They use these false debt claims to justify any and every immoral activity they wish to direct against you. In fact as they attack you they make claims to the public that you are the debtor hence they are your victums.

Its like seeing a big guy beating the tar out of a small guy and while he is hitting and kicking he is screaming out in pain as if he is the one being hurt.

This Rothschild tactic confuses the victum and the onlookers giving further advantage to the agressor.

Its a dirty tactic if you ask me but the entire planet has been enslaved as debt slaves even tho some would claim they have no debt.


I have no debt

The only thing any politician or bureaucrat could ever do to anyone can be summed up as kidnapping, extortion, torture, and possible murder.