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UPDATED! 1956: Amazing Photos of Kids Handling & Learning About Guns in School (Time Magazine)

Time Magazine, 1956

It's from a 1956 Time Magazine article:

There's more photos too!

I found these images priceless, and thought I'd share them with you guys and gals! Is that Ralphie in the last image, fourth kid from the right?! Hah!


Suzanimal's comment below:

Made me think of this photo my cousin posted to her FB page. That's her front and center in the white and red polka dot dress with the gun to her head - 1977 Drama Club.

end comment

Can you imagine the hysteria if a drama class tried to do this today?! Trying to put myself in this situation of the drama students, it would seem quite difficult for me to be able to realistically act about committing suicide, but I feel it would actually have this effect on more kids. That is, that talking openly about suicide is indeed educational, and it should make kids value their lives more. Thoughts?


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What a great find. Those were

What a great find. Those were the days Police actually did perform a public service teaching kids gun safety and garnering respect for their profession.

I have always been around guns.

Indiana late 1970's high school: many boys had weapons in their vehicles. Deer hunters had 12 ga shotguns, trappers usually had a 22LR handgun and we coon hunters had 22LR rifles. School sponsored hunter education classes.

Indiana early 80's private college: We had a 22 rifle range in the basement ran by Army ROTC free for all students. Having no gun case, I routinely carried my Ruger 10/22 down the hallways. My freshman year, the state required PE classes were satisfied by the only option, ROTC training. We shot M16's on an outdoor range.

My junior year, I got to work in the rifle range. One morning, the seargant told me he had to leave. Since I had classes and one gun would not fit into the gun safe, I had to carry it to each class that day. The gun was a .50 cal Browning on a tripod. Some of the professors joked around about it.

I wish I had pictures of these.

Made me think

of this photo my cousin posted to her FB page. That's her front and center in the white and red polka dot dress with the gun to her head - 1977 Drama Club.


Incredible find! Sharing, and updating the OP!


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!

Yeah but...

They all grew up to be mass murderers right?




teach your children well..

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 - 1790)

And today if that happened,

And today if that happened, SWAT teams would be called.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I wonder how many lost their lives in Nam

Be great to do a "Where are they now" feature on this topic.

First thing I noticed --no girls in the class

I guess they were in the meat processing class.

Yeah. What's going on there?

Yeah. What's going on there? Go on to sewing and cooking class girls. Gotta talk to the boys about guns.

Here in 'farm country' (the midwest) in the early 80's

we were all taught firearm safety. We even got certified with the hunter's safety patch (not sure where we were supposed to sew it) in PE class. Then we went to the range and shot 12 Ga. shotguns at clay pigeons for a grade.

I'm not sure if this is still on the schedule or when it was removed but it wouldn't surprise me to still be in place.

Notice how well the kids pay attention to something that is

relevant and interesting.

The picture was taken a year or so before my Dad began his 30+ year career teaching in public high schools.

By the time he retired, he was more than ready to leave.

What happened to the schools?

What happened?

Just two words, "Teacher unions."

Sixth grade

In my sixth grade class a classmate brought in his 30-06 to demonstrate how to clean a rifle. My high school had a rifle range in the basement and a shooting club would meet there and discharge firearms in the school. Nobody was ever shot. Nobody thought anything was wrong with it. Many of the boys with pickup trucks would come to school with their primary hunting rifle in a rifle rack in the back window of the cab. It was no big thing.

Have you practiced

ducking under the desk to evade USSR nukes? May be they stopped that after 60's...

All boys though

Guns weren't the boogeyman then. They didn't think in terms of whether someone should have guns then, for or against everyone having them. They were just a fact of life and if you considered it the school's job to teach kids how to be responsible, how to be responsible with weapons was part of it.

My little church school had the kids bring in their own guns in the 80's just because they had a parent volunteer who wanted to assess if any of the kids needed coaching in safe cleaning. Very informal, no agenda but avoiding cleaning accidents.

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