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Judge Napolitano: What Are the Most, Least Free States in the United States?

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Whenever I watch one of these (which is rarely)

I always notice that Brian Kilmeade is a total douche.
He doesn't take the topic seriously, he plays devil's advocate for no reason, he used to scowl at anyone that supported Ron Paul or his ideas.

I just don't like the guy because he is clueless and unhelpful. Ok got that off my chest thanks.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

so Tennessee is 3rd on the

so Tennessee is 3rd on the list. Its actually there because we don't have an income tax..If you look at Tenn for personal freedom it is ranked 24th. Tennessee has got to be one of the worst places for legislating morality. An Example. Under age drinking. Not saying whether it is right or wrong. Just using it as an example. I'm from Ohio. If I chose to take my under 21 child into a bar with me and serve them I can Do that or at home. In Tennesee, not even in my home am I allowed to give my child a beer. And just a mile down the road in Virginia...I may not take my child into a bar, but can serve them at home all I want.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

i heard public urination in

i heard public urination in nashville is a sex crime, and you will be registered as a public sex offender afterwards


First and foremost....

wasn't there a survey that came out not too long ago proving that individuals were fleeing liberal areas with tons of laws and taxes moving to conservative areas?

Secondly....has the Judge lost weight??? It might just be my bad perception...but he looks as though he has lost a ton load. This gives me a scare that he might be sick and just not stating it in the public domain.

Regardless...the Judge continues to be one of the few that beacons with the voice of freedom and liberty.

The Judge lost a lot of

The Judge lost a lot of weight going on the paleo diet.

The linked website/study

has a major item wrong for West Virginia regarding homeschooling. Says you need teaching requirements, but this is not true. Makes me wonder what else is wrong.

this is misleading--

I can always predict that the state we fled from (almost literally) will be a high freedom state and that the state to which we fled is a lower freedom state--

and yet in every way our lives have been freer where we are now--

1--fewer police in the same sized town

2--fewer call-ins for home educators in this state than the last

Yes, it's not perfect; we can see the warts, but they are there in the 'free' states; don't be deceived--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--