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Question: How Many Dp Users Use A Static Ip Address?

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My reason for asking will be disclosed in the near future.

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Is it long enough

To ask why yet?

Look like he left or

got banned somehow. What happened?

I have open DNS, but I don't know what that is

my sis put it on a while back and said I need it. What is it for?




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Static or dynamic IP is vastly irrelevant for serious privacy

If we're talking about serious privacy, static or dynamic IP is vastly irrelevant.

It will take barely more than a subpoena for a motivated "national security" (so-called) agency of the government to know about every single byte you've fetched, and from where, via your ISP or ISPs, over any given period of time. And that's if they're too lazy or cheap to send their boys and use more intrusive techniques to know ALSO WHAT YOU DID with the data, with which devices and from where.

Albeit it's unlikely the government reads all your emails real time, they're FOR SURE, ALREADY, storing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM (and mine, of course) for later use:


Thus, being randomly picked from large dynamic IP ranges doesn't protect your privacy for the tiniest bit against paranoid and almighty government's lurking on you.

But they can't lurk on everybody all at the same time with the same significant effort. They need a "motive" or specific interest (either you or the law don't get to decide obviously: only their paranoia does).

All they need/wait for is to get interested enough in you and by which threats you'd pose them with this or that truth you'd have (insider knowledge or not), and if the latter is especially current to today's crises behind the veil.

Lately, critical banking and financial information to expose their crimes is likely more serious and watched by these leeches than anything weapon-related (unlike what they might pretend of course).

That'd be my bet, anyway.


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My ISP uses dynamic but it

My ISP uses dynamic but it may as well be static because it hasn't changed in over a year.
If I change the MAC address in my router, I am assigned a new IP. If I change back to the old MAC address it get my old IP address back.

If you're worried about your

If you're worried about your privacy use tor to mask your online identity.

i do from work. what is the significance of this question?

I could understand if Nystrom wanted to know. But he could probably find people's IPs from the DP's server logs if he really wanted to know.

That article in that link, was that written in 1998? Gaming stats etc are all data base driven, and each player has a unique db username. Would be completely ridic for a game server to track gamers via IP for the purpose of score restoration as 99% of gamers will be connecting from a residential block of IPs that change periodically. IP tracking is not likely done for in game stats such as score. It's done for demographics on the gamer as a resource. They can look up what geographic region you are connecting from as well as carrier just from a whois lookup on your IP.

I store every IP every player

I store every IP every player ever used. Why? Because I can quickly through a database poll see if a new player named "dumbdumb" is potentially one I banned before.

That isn't the only thing I use to keep player bans going, but I also check to see if your web (port 80) IP is the same as you direct TCP/IP. Then I check the web IP against a known proxy list and autoban both IP's on that. I wish I could get at their MAC address also, but alas, I can't.

Exceptions are made for countries that ban my site, with a personal chat before they are marked "OKAY".

I will also NMAP the *real/not proxy* IP and store that output - automatically. Brutal, yes, but I know what browser they are using, operating system, open ports, if it's a proxy server, etc. That data, since it's large, is stored for about a month, then deleted from there for good. I also know if behind firewall, which helps with trouble shooting. I verify email addresses, and don't allow duplicates. If people have a problem connecting, I got all the info I need to help them FAST. Using that data, I can match individual people who abuse the service very fast. So you click "play here" and you computer gets assaulted with a quick scan, lol. It's in the term of service.

I care more about keeping my good gamers then having 10,000 more that are jerks. Private service, I'll use whatever I can.


You can get their arp address (aka macaddress) .

just look a tcp dump.....

For the purpose of IP banning or any abuse issues, sure there is a use for tracking IPs. But for in game stat repopulation. C'mon now.

I don't use it for stats.

I don't use it for stats.


I have DSL for ATT

So I'm thinking mine is probably dynamic. I don't actually know though. Despite my profession I pretty much hate computers.

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My WAN Connection (DSL)

has a static, public IP Address. I paid $5.00 more a month to get a public IP. By default, the phone company here gives a connection with a private IP Address which is already behind a NAT server. Then when you connect your computer to your router it makes it two layers deep in NAT, with absolutely no way to expose a server. Definitely worth it to pay for the public IP.

When I lived in California and had a cable modem, they did not give an option for a static IP, although, for the most part, it rarely changed. I was able to set up servers by using a dyndns.org dynamic DNS account.

So why are we asking this

again? Anyway most people will have dynamic IP addresses. The only reason to have a static ip address is if you are running some sort of server and even then its not necessary with services like dyndns. I really want to know why you are asking? I hope its not something dumb.

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    i asked the same thing

    The way the article was written. I don't think the author really knows why they are asking.

    Just using my name finds me... or gets you in trouble.

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    I have a dynamic IP and

    I have a dynamic IP and always have, but I've rarely ever have my IP address change on me. A MAC address has a DHCP lease time on an IP address which applies after it's disconnected, so you need to have something like dial-up that's not connected most of the time to lose an IP address.

    Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

    99% of people will have a

    99% of people will have a dynamic ip from their isp. even someone who is hosting their own server will most likely use dynamic dns to avoid having to pay extra for a static ip.

    private ips ( are translated by the router to public ips

    Yeah right

    "My reason for asking will be disclosed in the near future."

    Tell us now or I won't play along.

    I just want to point out

    Before you start feeling overly clever. If you are thinking about changing the IP on your computer to help hide yourself, it won't work. That is not what a static IP is or does. Each computer on a WI-Fi network has a different IP, the IP "talks" to the IP from your Wi-Fi router, which, in my case, "talks" to the DSL modem which has an IP address that is assigned by your ISP. Changing the IP on your computer does not change the IP on your modem. So I could be wrong, but you seem like you think you found a way to hide from the government net trolls, but trust me my friend, even TOR can't protect you, you have to learn code and learn the in's and out's of networking to even begin to cover your tracks, but even with that knowledge you can mess up, IE Jullian Assange.

    You just got PAULED!

    I'm going to go ahead and

    I'm going to go ahead and post a reply here. I will disclose my answer in the near future.

    My computer uses dynamically assigned IP address.from ISP

    The question is ambiguous.

    Free includes debt-free!

    I saved the static IP to DP to notepad in case of DNS failure.


    Free includes debt-free!

    Come on. This is like your

    Come on. This is like your wife/girlfriens saying "we need to talk LATER", what is wrong with now. I know you have a hypothesis, but why wait to share? Also, maybe you could help us iltechliterate find out if we have a static or dynamic IP address.

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    Privitize may also come in handy:



    "Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


    "To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

    I have a static IP at home.

    However that IP represents everything that happens inside my wired/wireless network, including 2 printers and 5 computers,
    2 iphones, 1 ipod touch, 2 iPad Minis, and my Kindle. My
    router translates between the inside/outside of my network.
    To the outside world, there is only one IP seen doing all this

    Internal networks are not

    Internal networks are not what is counted when looking at whether you have a static or dynamic IP. Whether you have a network or not, it is only ever assigned one IP address at a given time; it doesnt matter if you have one device on a network or 100 devices.
    Whether the "outside" IP address assigned to you changes or not is what matters.

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    I don't know

    .....it is magic to me and I accept it as such. Never ask any questions about it...I am not geeky enough to even answer your question.

    Simple way you can find out

    Simple way you can find out is to ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Other way is to go to google and type in what is my ips address note it, then come back at later points and see if it has changed.

    To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

    Dynamic IPs are a bit 'safer'

    Dynamic IPs are a bit 'safer' in regards to the fact they are harder to target. However, static IPs are simpler when it comes to wanting to "hook" to something repeatedly.

    No, I dont have a static IP, I have a dynamic one. Changes kinda randomly at times. Sometimes I will have the same IP for months. Sometimes it will change within a week or something.

    To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.