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Question: How Many Dp Users Use A Static Ip Address?

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My reason for asking will be disclosed in the near future.

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That's not

really true. It depends on who is trying to target you. If it's the government then if you connect through an ISP that knows who you are (like ATT, Comcast, etc.) then that ISP knows your IP address at all times, whether static or dynamic. That means the government can track everything you do if they want to, like they did and are probably still doing here:


Now if you're talking about a website operator, like the Daily Paul, tracking you then yes it's true a changing IP address makes it harder for that site to track you (but there are still other things they can do) since they won't typically have access to ISP records like the Feds.

Well yes, it depends on wo

Well yes, it depends on wo would try to target you. When I said target, I meant something like a driveby, not the government. Yes, if someone has access to the ISP records, it wont matter too much.

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Depends on where I am at

At home I do. If I'm at my parent's home or sister's home I don't, they use Tor and something else. My work I'm not sure, but I work at different locations all the time. I don't ever use my phone for internet or camera.


I have 2 Static and whatever my cell is... I'm assuming it's dynamic on the 3g/4g net.

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I think I heard a yes.

"My reason for asking will be disclosed in the near future."

Why not just disclose it now? I would love to help you out in your little experiment - but the fact is - I just am not good with being played with.

Explain yourself, give us your hypothesis, then let the members provide you with your anwers. It really is simpler. We are not children waiting for the punch line or the great magic trick.