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Rocky, The Baby Squirrel: Adopted By Cat, Learns To Purr - Video

Rocky, The Baby Squirrel: Adopted By Cat, Learns To Purr - Video


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I raised 2 baby squirrels

at different times.Same routine for each squirrel. I fed them every 3 hours with puppy formula from a puppy nursing bottle. My dog gave them a bath at least once a day. They slept in a sweatshirt hood suspended like a hammock inside a large birdcage.
The funniest thing was watching them try to sit on their haunches to eat because until they learned how to balance they would slowly fall over..
One of them we named "Earl" (don't remember the other's) Earl was free to roam the house until he started "teething " on the woodwork and he started to JUMP from place to place. My youngest was a bald-headed toddler and one day Earl saw him walk by the chair he was perched on and jumped onto Justin's bald head. There was no hair to cling to so Earl buried his toe nails into his scalp and got the ride of his life as Justin ran screaming through the house.
That day his cage with his hammock and plenty of food got put out into the kid's enclosed tree house. He lived there for many months and for a long time he would come to us when we called.I love squirrels.


Amazingly cute!

But - a pet squirrel is a disaster! It will tear up a house - can't take the true nature of the squirrel out of the squirrel.

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That poor creature...

...doesn't even know it's brainwashed...

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How sure are we that Momma cat is not just thinking "I'll fatten that one up before I eat it?"
OK, OK, seriously, it was very cute. I have raised storm orphaned baby squirrels, and they are VERY cute - but I think he needs set free. Their instincts are really keen, when the urge for nooky comes, I don't think they will be able to keep him any more.

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Rocky will break his mental chains and fly.

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Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.