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Is Obama Lying To Control Narrative?: Says Newtown Children Massacred by 'Fully Automatic Weapon'

Is Obama Lying To Control Narrative?: Says Newtown Children Massacred by 'Fully Automatic Weapon'

Vince Coglianese | April 04, 2013 | 2:09 PM ET

President Obama told a group of Democratic donors Wednesday night that the children killed in the Newtown, Conn. attack last December were shot with a “fully automatic weapon.”

Speaking to donors at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in San Francisco, Obama urged the need for “gun control,” and referred for the first time to an alleged “fully automatic weapon” involved in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults.

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I 'm Almost Embarrassed To Call Myself An American

Just look at how much damage Obama and the weazels in Congress have done...

...and we Americans just stand around with our collective thumbs up our rear end and allow them to bring down the republic.

We are surely the laughing stock of the world...

It is a terrible situation when the leader

of the most powerful nation in the world cannot be trusted to speak the truth and does not even seem to comprehend what he is reading or signing. He is the puppet.

Is Obummer lying?


Obama is about as much an expert on guns as the constitution

He has no clue or appreciation for what he claims to know.

He is nothing more than a puppet of foreign interests with no regard for us or our rights.


He's telling the truth, but revealing a lie

He is telling the truth that a fully automatic weapon was used, but inadvertantly revealing that this must be a false flag military operation. The right wing is providing cover for him by simply calling him a liar, when he is doing more than this. All along, the media was actually telling the truth about the assault weapons(!) But their lie was that Adam Lanza alone did the murders. It was a false flag military psy op. This is why the police were so secretive about the eye witness statements and the juggling of the different weapons. It would also account for the large amount of ammunition fired.

The left will believe whatever Obama says, and the right will just think he is "lying" pushing both sides further into a state of non-reality.

Good point.

Many a slip betwixt brain and lip.

this is how the left/right paradigm works

The right will not say it is a conspiracy for fear of being alled a conspiracy theorist, and the left in their ignorance will think fully automatic assault weapons are still legal and so we must restrict a type of gun that is already illegal, which in reality will just mean restrict hand guns and semi-autos.

A dumber analogy would be, if Adam Lanza used a "nuke" and Obama said we have to ban nukes, the public believes it because they are ignorant, and so pocket knives are banned. The public is not THIS stupid but it's just an analogy. The public thinks fully automatic assault guns were used since their dear leader would not lie to them. And Obama is technically not lying here because if a military operation was used, it would be a fully automatic weapon and not just an AR-15 (which probably wasn't even used at all).

If it happened at all,the

If it happened at all,the official report said that only hand guns were found in the School.

robot999's picture

Is he speaking?

Then yes, he's lying.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

It is far more probable that,

It is far more probable that, like most gun grabbers, Obama does not know the distinction between semi-automatic rifles and fully automatic rifles, than that a fully automatic rifle was used.

Goebbels Law. Lie, but lie big.

If the lie sells then we'll volunteer to join the cattle on the road to the slaughterhouse.

WE practice taking orders at the airport. This way to the showers.

Free includes debt-free!

...or he's privy to information not yet released.

I'm sure it will be made clear when the school surveillance tapes are released.

you're right, however

We will never see the surveillance video, just like we never saw the unedited surveillance from 9/11, or Tucson Arizona even though Loughner already pleaded guilty.

They don't know the difference between auto & semi

One of my (anti-gun)senators went to the state police range to learn the difference between semi-auto & full auto; AND HE POSTED IT ON HIS WEBSITE. http://www.chrismurphy.com/
I can't even look at his face without getting ill.