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Nonsense Alert! People are being taxed for rain

Howard council approves new stormwater fee

The state's Watershed Protection and Restoration Program, signed into law last year, requires counties to collect fees to pay for stormwater management as well as stream and wetland restoration projects.

After a three-hour legislative session Thursday that included the passage of 17 amendments, the Howard County Council voted to approve legislation creating a state-mandated stormwater fee to fund stormwater restoration projects. The average residential property owner will be charged about $105, according to county officials, but the fees are expected to be lower for most residential property owners in the east part of the county and higher than $105 for most in the west.

“It is going to impact everyone in the county,” Council member Mary Kay Sigaty said. “I believe that what we have done is to create a fair system of assessment.”


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In all fairness people are

In all fairness people are not being "taxed for rain". They are being taxed for property (that is what the assessment is on) for the purpose of paying for stormwater management projects. Finding ways to mitigate the problems of flooding is far from the worst way that government spends its money.

I wonder

if geoengineering (cloud seeding; chemtrails; persistant contrails/vapor trails) cost more or less than the taxes that could be raised by such a purchase?

UN Agenda 21...at work again!

Please educate yourselves about this diabolical Agenda. http://www.freedomadvocates.org/
It is terribly important to know how the UN (or one world government) is planning on being in EVERY part of YOUR life, and what YOU can do to stop it.
Recognizing UN Agenda 21 and stopping it, is a big part of seeking and delivering liberty to, not only US citizens, but to all peoples of signatory countries to the UN.