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Dear Moderators - Can We Add A Per User Option To DISABLE Viewing Comment Votes?

The comment rating system:

You know arrows next to each comment, that you can "vote up" or "vote down."

I recently found myself getting HUNG UP on the ratings of my comments. If they were "voted down" and not replied to; I would get pissed and was annoyed...

If my comments were "voted up," I would pat myself on the back...

I know it is not correct for me to get caught up on such stupid things as COMMENT RATINGS, but it is happening, and I would like to remove the distraction. So here is my request to the moderators:

I know that it would probably be alot of work to make this change... But could we discuss these options for the user:

Option 1: (Default and current option) When the user logs in, the user can see the ratings next to the comments and the user may "vote" on all comments.

Option 2: (Hide MY RATINGS FROM MYSELF haha) When the user logs in, the user is still able to vote on all comments, but the user is UNABLE to see the ratings next to his OWN comments.

Option 3: (Hide ALL RATINGS from the user) when the user logs in, the user cannot see ratings and cannot vote on comments. By choosing this option, the user is choosing NOT TO USE the comment rating system at all.

Again, I know it would be alot of work to implement, and perhaps a silly request. But I love the DP, I like posting here, and I like having options.

I also realize this post will be severely "down voted" haha.

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Are you in favor of the Net Neutrality Bill?

I don't think that you are. It seems like you want to limit other people's ability to communicate. Voting on a comment either way sends a message and fast. So does not voting on a comment. What I 'm interested in is whether a neutral voted comment was actually voted on say 50 times, 25 up and 25 down. One can't tell unless you check back occasionally to see the actual vote changing. In any case, there is so little actual direct communication in the world anymore and also in this virtual world that Michael, Jon, and others have created, why not continue on the same way? You are only as good or bad as your last comment; either feel good for a moment in time or suck it up and try to make a better received comment the next go-round. It's called spontaneity/instantaneous feedback or just feeling alive, like these are real people behind all of these user names. Just enjoy it is my recommendation.


Just to disable MY ABILITY to see the votes; the ability to see them. O don't want to take something away.

As far as "my opinion of the comment voting system..."

I like to be able to "quickly agree or quickly disagree" without having to post a comment, I do like that.

But on the other hand, sometimes I feel as though, if you HAVE A REASON TO AGREE, or you HAVE REASON to severely disagree with a statement... Then SPEAK. Use words, not some lazy "thumbs down button."

And the voting system does promote CLIQUES. So the atheists can go on a "down voting spree." The Christians can go on a "down voting spree." The truthers can go on a "down voting spree." The _______ can go on a "down voting spree."

Which is ANTI-COMMUNICATIVE and is less rigorous than ACTUAL SPEECH.

But I would not want to LIMIT OTHER USERS; just to be able to NOT SEE the ratings any longer. I don't see how that could POSSIBLY IMPOSE on anyone?

You can easily hide all post ratings

With a user stylesheet. Do a search to see how to modify yours for your specific browser.

Open your user.css file and add the following code:

div.vud-widget.vud-widget-minim {
display:none !important;

Save, apply, and all post ratings are gone.

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the DP even had an account-based version of this for everyone

with exactly that option. But only 2 people used it. So it was removed.

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Hmm. Now That Is Interesting

So not only was it considered, IT HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED IN THE PAST.

Well that settles it for me, the people have spoken.

Being a geek, I will look into modifying stylesheets, as suggested.

Thanks guys.

Example: office; home; mobile; riverboat; raft; or sand bar.

Perhaps these are/might be advanced features for paid membership.
This request has merit. Whether rating or other features, simpler is oft better. A simpler approach might help system performance as well. Allow each member to toggle on/off various account settings. The more toggled off, the better system performance. We have some toggles now.

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For those seeking a simpler view of their DailyPaul world, letting unused features fade or be turned off has merit.

To recognize profiles might be a quick way to toggle depending on current usage. For example: office; home; mobile; riverboat; raft; or sand bar.

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