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Is Bitcoin the NSA's way of crowdsourcing encrypted data?

Help me understand bitcoin. I'm admittedly new to bitcoin but, as I understand it, bitcoins are "mined" by applying computational resources to solve a problem. But what problem?

We know the government needs a way to effectively decrypt data. What better way to do it than crowdsourcing? The bitcoin miner (you and I) purchase the computer to mine and the power to run the computer.

This could be the perfect way for the NSA or CIA to get you to pay to solve their "problem."

Look, I'm not convinced this is the case - I don't fully grasp bitcoin. But, is this at least plausible?

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Here's a good

Interesting theory...

Interesting theory, but that doesn't explain how the difficulty factor has managed to keep block discovery at a rather steady pace. If someone was injecting encryption schemas that needed cracking, they would not know which schema were easy to crack and which were hard. Block discovery would be extremely sporadic.

Can someone who is familiar with the "difficulty" mechanic and block discovery confirm this?

Besides that, since the code for Bitcoin is open source, I'm guessing someone would've found a back-door by now... Especially the nerds who now have millions of dollars in coins, riding on the premise that Bitcoin is a secure system.


Someone listens to the No Agenda Podcast.

I've never heard of it.....

But if you post a link to the relevant podcast, I'd be interested to check it out. Thanks.


Adam Curry was discussing this same theory on episode 493 of the No Agenda Show...

You should give the show a try. It's, in my opinion, the best produced podcast.

I don't claim to know exactly how the algorithms are constructed - I've never read the source, but each new block generates an algorithm which has a unique answer. These aren't codes that the CIA needs cracked, they are randomly generated algorithms of increasing complexity.

Bump for discussion.

Bump for discussion.

Bitcoin is open source, if it

Bitcoin is open source, if it were "calling home" as it were or cracking code for the NSA, any programmer worth his salt would see it.


Is this based on assumption?

Take a serious look at how the "blocks" are solved:

Holy crap

Your RIGHT! If the blockchain is being shared on the Bitcoin network, then any of those dependant nodes could be a backdoor to leak the blockchain any entity.
That would mean the blockchain would have to contain the data being targeted.
Now I am no expert, but what if random #s that look like some solution, is actually a secret encryption type, that actually represents the users data. That is my new theory. Come to think of it, that type of system would be trending for our NSA spies.

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