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New TED Talks Video. Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim

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Someone should have shouted "Ron Paul" during his talk.

He should have shouted 'Ron Paul' himself if he really wanted to improve our present situation. Notice that he never mentioned the word "Constitution." This talk is just political fodder advocating for Agenda 21. Sad that TED has lowered their standards to this nadir.

he is at Bilderberg 2013

Ironically, he is attending Bilderberg right now.

Also this was Aaron Swartz's good friend.


Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

he lost me

at "i'm a lawyer" and my biggest issue is "climate change".

yeah... this guy is wrong..

yeah... this guy is wrong.. but at least he is passionate

yeah, and that's pretty much the worst combo possible


Well the way I saw the speech....

is that this is about convincing people we need campaign finance reform through taxes. And getting rid of lobbyists He's saying that with campaign finance reform then we can implement a whole mess of liberal green projects.

I mean if it was a speech about getting rid of power within the government to grant special privileges to companies therefore paid lobbyists would have little to do...then he'd have a point. Campaign finance reform is not how we are going to get fairer elections. Maybe if he was talking about having an actual free press that will cover all the candidates fairly...regardless of how much money and influence is being thrown around then he'd have a point.

He talks of a republic but I'm not sure he actually knows what that means fully. He gets part of it.

Ultimately what he is suggesting is that it's patriotic to want a new TAX!!on all the people then they distribute it evenly between the TWO parties. This would take away a citizens ability to petition their government and to give money to chosen representative. More regulations and rules and more TAXES. What we really need to do is take the power of granting privileges away from the government.

Pie in the sky...

good intentions, but he doesn't really get it. You can't just legislate the 99% of Americans into caring about politics. We could have funding of elections right now from a wider segment of the people, but most people don't care, especially not enough to contribute to candidates.

This is the same old 1%-er argument, ignoring the criminal/corporate corruption that is more harmful to our republic, putting forward lame ideas like vouchers to give citizens to fund elections. ???

This problem could be solved right now if the 99% actually cared and were educated...that's not gonna happen.


This is wonderful, if you like half the story. If it's all driven by the people. Then what we can then have is the Tyranny of the majority, which is not what the founders wanted. Recognition of our rights must come, but that can't come without goodness, which can not happen without a moral law that is overarching and concrete. IF rights exist and I believe they do, they can be squelched by the majority. As people say, remember that what happened in Nazi Germany was all legal.



"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

No mention of inalienable rights at all.

Which is the true difference between democracy and a true republic. Nice speech and all, but forgetting to mention this distinction isn't giving our founders their fair due.

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this guy totally misunderstands what a republic is.


Google is government.

A bit weird but good speech.

A bit weird but good speech.