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What is Not Said In The Gun Debate Even By Us, But it Needs To Be

The founders created the 2nd amendment to give the strongest guarantee possible to the people in this new free country that they had the right to exist and pursue their happiness as they saw fit FREE of "government" interference.

They had a lot of bad experiences with "government" and did their best to ensure that it would "never happen again" but alas, people who do not research their history are doomed to repeat it no matter what safeguards are put in place. The constitution can't protect you. Knowledge of what is in the constitution however can.

What's not said in this debate regarding the people's right to bear arms, is that sometimes people are wrongly accused by "government." Sometimes there are trumped up charges. Sometimes innocent people are convicted of felonies. Sometimes an angry woman causes a man to lose his perceived right to bear arms under the all encompassing umbrella of "domestic violence."

We all see peace officers acting as mercenaries and actually trained to violate the law. This is not a mistake. We've all heard of peace officers who don't even know what they are going to charge people with flipping through the statute book while the suspect is in handcuffs.

"Government" makes mistakes (putting it very mildly). When people talk of "What's wrong with keeping guns away from criminals, violent people and the mentally unstable" they are expecting you to accept at face value that everyone ever accused of these things is guilty. No trial necessary.

Even when people are "duly" convicted there is the standard jury tampering (when the judge tells the jury they cannot judge the LAW), falsified evidence and the usual public servant perjuring themselves on the witness stand for the STATE. DNA evidence is now exonerating people who have been on death row for decades.

When the "government" gets the okay of the people to subjugate certain categories or groups, then with lame stream media control and a White House podium all they need to do is repeat the label over and over again until you... no matter who you are... lose your rights too.

The "government" doesn't need to ban guns. In the current political climate and now thanks to the GOP caving in as usual, all the "government" needs to do is ALLEGE that you are crazy and you are no longer in possession of your right to exist.

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The full weight of the

The full weight of the peoples ability to prosecute has to be brought to bear on these government operations.