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we are so screwed!

Found two interesting videos regarding Gold and Silver. Mark Dice tries to sell a 1oz Gold Canadian Bullion coin for as low as a stick of gum outside of a coin shop in San Diego, CA.

He then attempts to sell a Silver dollar for 1 dollar.

The ignorance is outstanding!!!

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Its not that people didn't know the value of gold. They were

afraid they were being video taped to show how gullible they were.

Like the guy who tries to sell you a Rolex for $9.99, and insists its a real Rolex. Only an idiot believes him.

These people thought they were about to become stupid looking people like you see in a "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" video.

The fact that a gold and coin dealer was nearby didn't change that. Lets go back to the Rolex.

Suppose a Rolex dealer was nearby and you were invited to check it our with them. AGAIN you could look like a gullible idiot if the Rolex wasn't real. And AGAIN you would look like an idiot on the video tape, just ASKING the dealer if the Rolex for $9.99 was the real deal.

Nobody even asks

why he wants to sell it for so little.. we are screwed... perfect title!

Hilarious video!

man oh man why couldn't I be walking by

that was an awesome presentation of just how brainwashed people are around the idea of money.

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It figures

This is CA (my home state) who voted to increase their income taxes and sales tax last year, prop 30.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Why wouldn't anyone take it?

Why wouldn't anyone take it? Even for $50. No gold thief is going to go to the trouble of stealing gold and then go around filming trying to sell it for a fraction of its worth. You can see with his other videos why people didn't want it. Because when he asks people what they think gold is worth, their numbers say it's worthless.

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If I were to assume several

If I were to assume several of these people were actually smarter than one would think, they probably first wonder why would anyone in their right mind sell a $1500 gold coin for $20. I wouldn't have done it either had I been asked but I have been aware of what is going on for quite a few years. And if someone asked me if I had quite a few of them at home, I would not have told my business on camera. Just a thought.

Those Americans are awesome.

They are not gullible enough to get into trouble purchasing a fake or stolen thing, especially knowing that somebody is filming them.

Honestly, would you believe the coin was real?

This bit wasn't thought thru very thoroughly.

Only if you are in the know,

Only if you are in the know, I guess. Good point. I would've asked some questions other than just saying "No thanks" even if I knew nothing about coins or PMs - don't you agree?

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

Mark Dice can get away with

Mark Dice can get away with this because he doesn't try to wake up the local population.