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UN Treaty to disarm people over 55 - UPDATE

OK, here is some "blowback" from internet censorship for you. This article was originally posted on guns.com. I normally try to track back to original sources, but my IP says I can't go to guns.com. A few folks below apparently CAN go view the original, and they are in agreement that this was an April Fools joke. So, I am not happy about being censored, but I am also getting sick of "April Fools" in the alternative media. I do not even bother to read things that day, and actually DID check the date on this best I could - April 2. Why, oh why, do people who fight for truth 364 days a year find it amusing to lie that one day? If something is a hoax or satire, it really ought to be PLAINLY LABELLED as such.
Thanks to the folks who caught this, and my apologies to everyone who has done a slow burn all morning over this with me. As if we did not have enough real problems... I TRULY regret any distress this caused, including the distress it caused me. I wonder if the author is chuckling twice as hard, his "joke" was so "successful."


"While Ban Ki-moon did not elaborate on what he meant by persons with “attenuating cerebral faculties,” a UN liaison with Amnesty International spelled it out in an interview with the Washington Post.

“Simply put, the UN believes guns don’t belong in the hands of the elderly,” said H. Michael Chase, an attorney for the human rights watchdog group.

“Pools of research show that a significant majority of gun-related suicides, accidental shootings, non-fatal negligent discharges are perpetrated by persons 55 and over,” Chase said.

“Along with the mentally ill, preventing those who are advancing in age from gaining easy access to firearms is a common sense way to save lives,” concluded Chase."

I've been trying to warn you all that the "mentally ill" compromise would get to you. Do you believe me yet? Now you will be ASSUMED mentally ill just for turning 55.

"When they came for me, there was no one left to fight."

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Ever hear the term BABY BOOMERS

The generation that is now over 50, the generation that has 8 or 9 siblings in the family. The generations that followed were fewer childeren per family as promoted by the governments family planning.

So now we have a large part of the American population, the baby boomers, over 50 and the Rothschild controlled UN dictates to the world that if your over 50 they are going to take your self defence weapon away. Now in the USA I predict that the puppet govenrment will use the UN as justification to atempt this theft of private property, weapons. I am over 50.

Bad Luck atempting to invade my home and take my property, bad luck to anyone that atempts it.

My final answer is still



So you cannot serve in the

So you cannot serve in the military over 55?
Fire all security guards over 55?

Southern Agrarian

Purge all critters

Over 55.

Ron Paul Was Right

Aww, April fool's

got me.

Defend Liberty!


I guess they should start with the 75% of the Senate who are over 55: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_United_States_...

Then move on to the nearly 75% of the House who are over 55: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_members_of_the...

They want to play? We'll play :-)

De criminalize Liberty!

I believe this was an April

I believe this was an April Fools joke by Guns.com. If you read the article the methods of self defense should give it away.


They didn't

do a very good job making that clear. Nor did they pick a topic that was at all outrageous or unbelievable. I can absolutely see this happening. Anyway... the pictures on that article were great!

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Because People 55 and older

remember what it is like to be free and must be stopped!

Even though most of them are still asleep they are going to be extremely pissed when they realize their life savings has been stolen along with their freedom ala Cyprus.

Never piss off an old man...he'll just kill you!

Yet there's no problem.....

for congress to stay in office until they die.

meekandmild's picture

I hear the most

unintentional shootings and accidental firearm discharges happens from law enforcement.