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America, Hang onto Your Freedom, Hope, and Pride! Remember the Spirit of America Based on Integrity and High Ideals.

At times I have thought that humans have descended into the depths of depravity. But I begin to think it is a small select group that came out of Nazi Germany after WWII and tied together with George H. W. Bush that have been the source of the evil in America. Others have followed since Bush and they are the chosen of the elite who are here to usher in the NWO, which is just a version of Nazi Germany on a global scale. Take a look at the child sex trade, the drug trade, and brutality that is hidden under the media "false propaganda reality" of America.

The evil torturers and murderers of Nazi Germany spread over the world like a plague when they fled Germany. They have a great interest in mind control and have been using it in America via the media and the CIA MK ULTRA type programs to control the thinking of Americans. America has become a big psyop, and the plague spreads globally. Hollywood spews out its violence and lust teaching our children subliminally and overtly to be shallow unthinking people who obey and never question what the media tells them; be good little mind controlled humans. If you do not know about this you need to do some research and wake up.

Where did the sickness begin in these evil people who want to rule the world? There has been a desire and a sense of entitlement among the elite to rule the world and control the masses since feudal times and even before that in history, during the time of the pharaohs. These people see themselves as above the masses and having a divine right to rule. The masses are viewed as little more than cattle in their eyes, there to serve their needs and lusts. Kind of like the Hunger Games is what they plan for the masses. Read the trilogy; the first book is the movie.

So in the end there are a few twisted families that have spread this evil and are trying to exert their power now globally via the Rothschild central banks, NATO, the UN, and some powerful groups in the church. Your sons and daughters in the military are the NWO military. Some of them begin to see that; hence drones that do not question, and operators that play them like a video game.

POWER corrupts. It keeps the person stuck in greed. It stops the evolution of the person's energy, and the stuck energy becomes corrupted, twisted, dark, and perverted in depraved sexual lusts for children and sadistic brutal behavior, as in the Nazi human experiments.

These people who want to rule the world are stuck in a low corrupted energy level, and they cannot see beyond that level. Their lusts and greed have become ADDICTIONS, and it is never enough. They always need to seek more lust, more money, more power, more control, more brutality.

The human race will get free of this UN-evolved group, and it will happen because the normal human EVOLVES beyond them, and they have been stuck in a low level for generations. They will find themselves in a world that no longer accepts them, sees them for what they are, and no longer buys into their power games.

The Bush Family Came out of Nazi Germany - sent to destroy America

Use of Nazi originated Mind Control in America on our Kidnapped Sold into Slavery Children http://vigilantcitizen.com/hidden-knowledge/origins-and-tech...

What Most of us do Not Know About Hollywood, Presidents of the US, and the Illuminati http://www.dailypaul.com/280694/what-most-of-us-do-not-know-...

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Some days, it hits close to home.

When I began to see how many rabbit holes came together, I started looking at my own family. It is no longer contained to the families that started it, they have control of our schools, churches, social clubs, media and government. There are little Nazis running around doing the bidding of the tyrants without ever realizing that is what they do. The guy in the toll booth on the turnpike, he's just "doing his job." His job just happens to be to inhibit free travel for the sake of the banksters. The woman taking Food Stamps applications - she is trying to help the poor, probably has no idea she is the front line in JPMorgan's attempt to bleed a little money out of those who have none. My family includes people who helped IBM become the respected company it is.... I doubt any of them had any clue, but if I told them now, they would excuse it with "That was then" and not see their hand in the crimes at all.
The "professional blind spot" is the hardest truth to see. When each individual looks in the mirror, and asks "How am I part of the tyranny?" we will be working together for liberty. Until then, it is a finger pointing blame fest that changes nothing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I see what you mean fishy.

My two careers span the medical and education fields, and we all tend to just do our jobs, although we may have some private reservations about the entire system. We all play our little part knowing something is very wrong, and yet not being able to put your finger on what it is.

It is the system that is the problem, and not the people. It is a system set up without any consideration or compassion for the human element. Profit comes before people.

I wish it was just a few


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."