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when is violence necessary in a state of revolution? Permaculture Republican says...

The line to draw in the sand is one between Locke and Henry.

Locke wanted the people to adequately utilize the legislatures of each state to nullify unconstitutional laws and more importantly to ENACT REMEDIES FOR WE THE PEOPLE in each legislature to create sharp legal tools for any citizen to approach our judges from unpredictable angles and enforce in a court the constitution, and punishments for infringements.

The "revolt", under lockean theory, is to rush the legislature with "we the people" remedies that change the hearts and minds of American jurisprudence.

Today, our legislatures are infested with corporate lobby groups, govt action groups, and a media staged people's groups like the SPLC... but no true grass roots grow in state capitals.

A real revolution is not spilt in blood, but rather in ink. As hearts and minds of each state begin to see the rights of people at work in punishing government for their unconstitutional actions then the media will have to isolate itself from the people to maintain their status quo.

mirror, mirror on the wall. That great mirror is the illusion that keeps us embedded in statutes which feed Stalin, Lennin, Trotsky, Hegel, Mao,Bush, Cheney, Obama, and any other fragile mind.

A True revolt is to substitute a "violent revolting mob" with "an intellectual class of students turned lawmakers" adapting an efficient liberty language to light brush-fires in the minds of Americans until our song cultivates 21st century Patrick Henrys who grab the legislative spotlight and shine it at the media with the cunning honor of wolves.

Once the language is set straight and Statesmen have administrated our legislatures to stand tall in the eyes of tyrants then we will witness the Republic reborn as a confederation of light will cast love into fear so fierce the media zionists will scrap and claw for a nook of shade.

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IF there is time. This would have been a much more powerful argument (if utilized) 20 or 30 years ago. Now we might be at the end game. Thoughts?

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I think we are far from where they want us, in 50 years we will

look back.....

if they have it their way the pacification starting with Disney in Orlando, Fl would creep into the minds of successive generations broadcasting new trumpets for progressive communism. The youth will be regulating the behavior of libertarian lingering elderly and pacification would be the key to liberation not truth.

if we have it our way we can still put ink on paper and rally the cries of our forefathers to the causes of revolution by suffocating our opponents with a growing variety of truth tools, constructing spotlights to form new remedies and expound upon new economic thoughts in legislating our states.

We must not act one way or the other, but defend both just the same. Being violent should be a reaction, not a production. Being liberated should be production, and in doing so the state will shed it's darkness or expose its form... nonetheless with a substrate of informed lawmakers libertarian ideas can run across the nation spreading news that the Republic has been saved.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.