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Colorado Sheriff Savages Obama 'Fear and Grandstanding' To Push Gun Control - VIDEO

Colorado Sheriff Savages Obama 'Fear and Grandstanding' To Push Gun Control - VIDEO

Published on Apr 3, 2013
President Obama visited Denver on April 3, 2013 to push his excessive gun legislation. Not one sheriff in the state of Colorado was included in the event. The sheriffs of Colorado representing 62 counties were kept out of the event because their legislative needs were not useful to the president. Obama's purposeful shunning of the state sheriffs could not silence them. Listen as Sheriff Shayne Heap from Elbert County Colorado responds to the president's comments.


Accuses President of “legislatively carpet bomb law-abiding citizens”

Paul Joseph Watson
April 4, 2013

Responding to Barack Obama’s visit to Colorado yesterday, during which he pushed for new gun control laws, Elbert County Sheriff Shayne Heap slammed the President for politically exploiting recent tragedies by using “fear” and “grandstanding”.

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/colorado-sheriff-savages-obama-fear-...

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We we we thats every word SHERRIF speak for yourself

We as in ME do not support drone strikes, they are unconstitutional in so many ways. An act of war decided by the executive branch not congress? Drone strikes fit the definition of terorism as defined by the very people using the drones. They are a murder weapon being used for murder. The victims are not in war and they have not been charged or tryed in any court. A dictator made a decission a kill list and then used these remote controlled flying airplanes armed with explosives to preform a hit.

Yet Mr. Sherrif indicates not only that he supports the drones but he indicates we as in speaking for all the people of his country or some such nonsense.

So thanks for standing up to the USURPER puppet but no thanks for playing political games of the democrats are bad but the NEOCON war agenda is fine?

You were doing well to support the attack upon the 2nd amendment by attacking the gun grabbers and should have left the rest of that drone stuff out completly.


courage and strength..

to the brave men and women who stand up~ it's really come to the point were a video like this gives me goose bumps from head to toe. in the best of ways~

Thank you sir and I hope you say what you mean and mean what you say.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Excellent video. Well worth watching.

Thanks for posting.


good find, I agree keep it local.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."