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MA Report: Liberty Candidate Leah Cole Wins Stunning Upset in State Rep. Race

Here is the MA Liberty round-up.

Leah Cole upset the establishment political class to win the Peabody State Rep seat. Unbelievable. The Brushfires of Liberty are turning into forest fires!

Article here:

Other MA Liberty News from the LibertyClubhouse.org

events in April are listed below.
Saturday April 6th - American Majority
Activist Training in Worcester

April 7th noon to 6PM - Door Knocking for Phil Dolan in Husdon

Saturday April 13th - Boston Tea Party
(Campaign for Liberty
will have a table set up - please email
you can #standwithRand, I mean, stand with the table and hand
out brochures)
April 14th noon - 6PM - Door Knocking for Evan Kenney in

Friday, April 19th -
2nd Amendment Rally - West Springfield


Banking for Evan Kenney for Wakefield School Committee -
Election Day - Tuesday April 30th

Banking for Phil Dolan for Hudson Selectman - Election Day
Tuesday April 30th

Don Graham for Harvard Selectman - Election
Day - 
Tuesday April 30th


You see, elections are won only by votes, politics is purely a
numbers game, and the Liberty movement needs to step up
immediately and help other Liberty candidates, so they can promote
smaller government.

Phil Dolan has a special message below - Please read and sign up to
help him.


Dear Supporters of Liberty,

In 2012, I fought hard with phone calls and meetups to promote
Liberty and elect Ron Paul delegates to the RNC, and I am now asking
for your help....

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good news indeed

And she's not bad on the eyes either. Not that it makes any difference how she looks.

Would be good to see some more details on her stance on the "issues"
before we jump for joy to soon.



Great news!