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The Joke of Obama's 5% Pay Cut

Hailed by the LA Times as “sharing some budget pain”, President Obama recently announced that is is taking a 5% pay cut, adding up to about a $20,000 tax “savings”. From LA Times:

Sharing a bit of budget pain, President Barack Obama will return 5% of his salary to the Treasury in a show of solidarity with federal workers smarting from government-wide spending cuts.

Obama’s decision grew out of a desire to share in the sacrifice that government employees are making, a White Houseofficial said Wednesday. Hundreds of thousands of workers could be forced to take unpaid leave — known as furloughs — if Congress does not reach an agreement soon to undo the cuts.

The president is demonstrating that he will be paying a price, too, as the White House warns of dire economic consequences from the $85 billion in cuts — called asequester — that started to hit federal programs last month after Congress failed to stop them. In the weeks since, the administration has faced repeated questions about how the White House itself will be affected. The cancellation of White House tours in particular has drawn mixed reactions.

The idea that Obama is feeling “budget pain” by taking a pay cut from $400,000 to $380,000. That still leaves him firmly entrenched in the “jet flying super wealthy” category which, according to PrezBo himself, is at $250,000/year. Of course, the President doesn’t have to buy his own jet, instead he gets to fly wherever he wants on Air Force one and enjoy lavish vacations at taxpayers expense. Earlier this year, approximately $3 million was spent flying the President back to Washington, DC from Hawaii where he was on vacation to sign a bill, and then fly him back to continue his vacation!


No, Obama’s paycut isn’t nearly as impressive as the salary Ron Paul proposed during his Presidential campaign of $39,336, the salary of the average American worker at the time.

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I could not make it past that shill's opening statement

Because we value human life is why they want gun control.....I shut it off and blew up...lol

Lie, after lie, after lie pumped through those networks. First of all, lets see...everywhere that has gun restrictions already has higher death numbers....so how can you reason that higher deaths equates to valuing human life...especially coming from an establishment that carpet bombs civilians and children.

Lie after lie after lie. It is beyond disgusting. These networks and the establishment of criminals behind them need to be stopped.

How about nixing some of the yearly funding for NATO?

FY2013 Funding Summary
On February 13, 2012, President Barack Obama transmitted the FY2013 budget to Congress. The request included

$1,570,005,000 for the Contributions to International Organizations (CIO) account, Department of State, including $1,151,478,000 for U.S. assessed contributions to United Nations (U.N.) system budgets;

$2,098,500,000 for the Contributions to International Peacekeeping Activities (CIPA) account, Department of State;

$327,300,000 for the International Organizations and Programs (IO&P) account, Foreign Operations, which includes voluntary contributions to several U.N. system programs; and

$90,900,000 for U.S. voluntary contributions to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), through the Nonproliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs (NADR) account, Foreign Operations. This account also includes a request for $1,350,000 in U.S. voluntary contributions to the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1540 [(2004)] Trust Fund.

Nobody will ever come close

Nobody will ever come close to Ron Paul on matters of principle or integrity.. Dr. Paul for life

tasmlab's picture

The presidency is a symbolic, moral job

The presidency is a symbolic, moral job, in the sense that the person who takes it is making (faking) some moral high ground and the people voting are making a moral decision.

If the job was really about finding somebody who was super-capable, we'd come up with a NBA basketball salary of $70MM per year and get Jack Welch out of retirement or reanimate Steve Jobs or find some real operational maestro to get the job done properly.

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Have to disagree with this statement

When the President is the CIC of the military and evokes law without debate through Executive Order, then the post is much, much more than symbolic.

You should also read The Revolution: A Manifesto, too since Dr. Paul explains why having the "best and brightest" as JFK put it is probably exactly what you don't want in government.

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Let me clarify...

The power may be very real, but I mean "job" in terms of something an individual does to procure money, in which case $400k or the $40k Dr. Paul was going to take was arbitrary from a paycheck point of view.

And from a statist view, they are never looking for somebody genuinely competent at being an executive. But it would seem like that would be a smart thing if you were happily and willingly awarding power. It seems like want a moral statement.

From a libertarian view, the best we could hope for is someone inconsequential at th post, or somehow get our guy, or preferably not have one at all. I agree with the "revolution" pov as I remember from reading it.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

If he worked for nothing

he'd still be grossly overpaid.

considering that all his expenses are paid for by us

he can still go F himself. This is nothing more then theatrics for the sheep.

If he really gave a crap he would except nothing more then the average salary in this country. 40-45k. That's what Dr Paul was going to do if he won.

Obama would save the

Obama would save the taxpayers far more money if he would simply take one less vacation a year. But he won't do that.

Obama is the 1-percenter-in-chief who is much beloved by all those lefties who like to complain about all those other 1 percenters.