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Feds raid indoor gardeners - They're getting desperate now folks

"How insanely out-of-control has the war on drugs become? Apparently now, if all you do is buy equipment to grow plants and vegetables indoors is reason enough to suspect you of conducting illegal drug activity.

Case in point: State police and sheriff's deputies in Kansas raided the home of Adlynn and Robert Harte, two former CIA employees, in a fruitless search for marijuana as part of a two-state drug sweep in conjunction with Missouri police agencies - all because they had bought supplies to grow vegetables inside their home."


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Will they ban this book?

"...the couple said their two children, a 7-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son, were "shocked and frightened" by assault weapon-armed cops wearing bulletproof vests began pounding on the front door of their home..."

I'm wondering if it was maybe this book that had started all the trouble:

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This has been posted on the

This has been posted on the DP twice already. This is the third time.

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Can you link them? Cause I didn't see them

I made a search for "Feds raid gardener" before I posted and didn't come up with anything.

Also, don't be surprised if it gets re-posted again another couple of times this week. Some posters don't even bother searching before they post and you wind up with 5 duplicates during the week. You've been here long enough, so I'm sure you've noticed.

Here is one

Here is one link.

You are right, it was not easy to find though(well I didnt search thoroughly either), I simply went and looked up the post I left in that topic.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Thanks for the link.

Figures why I didn't find it. It's about a week old from Yahoo "news"("news" -LOL), a site I don't visit for news. Natural News is usually pretty quick to report things, yet I guess Mike slacked on this particular story because he just posted the article yesterday. I never saw it here when it was originally posted and when I made a google search(I hate DP search function - find it very user un-friendly), nothing came up. Good thing you left that post. Oh well, c'est la vie!

how did they know that they

how did they know that they bought these supplies?

To add to what MMJ Ministry said;

If they used credit cards, the feds can determine what items were bought, the date, the location, & the frequency of those purchases. Credit cards = Big Brother. Or as I like to call them, the new KGB.

they staked out the grow stores

i don't think the feds had anything to do with this one but back in the day they did do something similar called operation greenthumb or green-merchant. they (feds) spied on grow shops and followed the people home and surveilled them for a while and then one day busted a bunch of them. think it was in the mid 90's.
i believe this one was a sate thing. they said they spent weeks surveilling them. that's dozens of donuts and a lot of overtime tax money wasted. best thing to do if you live there would be to move out of that police state. i left texas for co almost 14 years ago and have not looked back. if they reformed their marijuana laws i might go back and visit more than once every 4-5 years. not in the summer though :)

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When they make a mistake, they should pay the costs.


Free includes debt-free!

...out of their personal

...out of their personal salaries, savings, etc. Otherwise they'd continue to screw up and let the taxpayer eat it.

Only the bad guys would have trouble with this.

Hey, if they didn't do anything wrong they have nothing to worry about.

Free includes debt-free!


For Mike Adams...

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Woah.. woah.. woah..

"The Government is us" we would never do such a thing.. right?

Bump for awareness


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