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Next President: Michelle Obama

Who else think Michelle Obama will run for 2016?
Liberals will love this and sell it as "it is time for a woman in the white house", she will "heal the world", she will "save mankind from itself" et.c.

You can't compete with this, feelings are much stronger than facts and logic.

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just had acid reflux shooting into my mouth and lungs

i rather get injected with cancer than seeing her run for office.

Hillary as Pres, Michelle as VP

My money's on Hillary as Pres, Michelle as VP, so Obama can pull a Putin and end-around the 22nd amendment, while still very much being in charge. Let's hope I'm wrong...

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The next potus will be who WE decide it will be...

We, in the Liberty movement, the ones who have licensed over 70 million guns since obombya was elected, we will decide.

We decided in 2012 that it would NOT be romnie even when EVERYBODY else (in the gop) said it would.

Make NO mistake, We will decide.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

It will be those who count the votes..

end of story,,,sorry to tell you this , but your republic is gone and you have no chance of voting your way out of this mess.

If you delude yourself that way will only empower those you seek to defeat.

More like....

If Obama doesn't manage to start ww3, then she'll be the celebrity puppet to lead the US in response to their false flag of all false flag.

We can just about count on more false flags, and should expect even bigger and more impacting ones.