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Callous TSA Agent Dumps Grandpa’s Ashes on Floor

"I knew that, by and large, TSA agents were a dour, rigid lot with no respect for freedom and human dignity, but until I heard about this latest incident, I didn’t know that they were soulless too."

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Tried clicking on the link from work, "Virus Detected."

Virus Detected

Virus detected and blocked
[My employer] blocks Web sites which contain inappropriate content, those that contain malicious code, and those that provide services that may be unsafe to the [My employer] network and or its resources.

Virus filtering is implemented any time a website has been compromised. When the site is no longer infected, the block will be removed and access to the site will be restored.

URL: http://tsa-watch.com/tsa-blog/tsa-agents-harass-passengers/c...
Categories: Malicious Sites
Virus Name:
Proxy: wp-blv-08

Look up site information in TrustedSource.

If access to this site is required for [My employer] business and you think it has been blocked in error, please contact Security Monitoring and Response via email:Click here


So, where it says "Virus name" is blank, therefore, I guess it's blocked for inapropriate content? I agree! It is totally inapropriate for the TSA to dump someones grandfathers ashes on the floor. That is totally inapropriate behavior by a power happy uniformed thug!



If it is on the "news"....

Then you have to automatically wonder if it's the truth...AND always, what is the purpose of that "story" being scripted, produced and aired?

A couple of years ago through research, I saw clear evidence that "news" stories are completely fabricated, "war stories" done in studio or the Nevada desert, a complete deception. Some of the other stories that were caught red handed being scripted actually had police officers as actors. I was and am 100% sure that the stories were completely contrived. The one's involving police as actors were about police acting very unjust, well made stories, that invoked an emotional response and hatred towards the police. The only reason I can think of for the production of those stories was to build civil unrest.

This was back before I even knew of Ron Paul. I started looking into it after reading an article on Yahoo about "homegrown terrorists" who were stopped. Their plan was to use model airplanes to bomb the pentagon. I had designed, built, and flown model aircraft for decades and the story was a complete lie. Not just me, but many others were commenting that the little model jets shown in no way could be used to carry any amount of explosives...maybe enough to break a windshield, that's about it. The story was taken down and disappeared. It was fabricated, likely to instill fear, and when the government starts killing it's own citizens, will refer to them as terrorists. All a show. The ones the current establishment will call terrorists are those who want to expose their crimes and grand scale deceptions.

Anyways, can't be so sure this story is real even...kind of sucks, I mean I am against the whole idea of the TSA as much as the next guy, but I really think that the current establishment is trying to start WWIII plus a civil war here in the US. It will then be time for the UN to establish the "rule of law" and "new world order" these puppet presidents keep eluding to. Otherwise stated, the downfall and takeover of the United States is being orchestrated right before our eyes. The one's doing it are presenting themselves as the one's protecting us from it....all made possible by an almost complete control of the nation's media and advanced insight into psychology in order to literally brainwash with said media programming.

On a side note

When I saw evidence that news stories were being fabricated, I was furious and alarmed. Back then I still had some notion that there was justice to be found. So, I took to calling every FBI office in America...lol

Most "investigators" that I talked to had zero interest in what I was telling them, they simply weren't buying it and am sure did not look at the evidence. Being very determined, I called as many as I could. Obviously elements of the organization are fully corrupt, but not all FBI agents are. Many are really good people who are victims of the brainwashing the media has done. Several of them actually listened, and were interested in what I showed them. To this day, I am pretty sure after communicating with some of them, they know that the "news" is being scripted, which gives me some hope regarding this Sandy Hook thing.

I don't entirely doubt what

I don't entirely doubt what you're saying, but I think if you're going to say that it would be best to get a bunch of evidence together, maybe make a website, and link to it.

You sound like...

You sound like you get your pay check to be a disinformation troll.