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Oak Roots Club - Roster, Rules and Meeting Format

Chair: vinceableworld
Secretary: moneybag
Technical Director: Charleswood

Voting Members (8): vinceableworld, RP_nexus, fire fox, John Calvin Coolidge Jr., moneybag, Mathew, Jered Smith, Charleswood, garnet

Non-Voting Members (0):


1. Anyone present during an ORC meeting in the designated forum may declare himself/herself a member of ORC and be legitimately recognized as a non-voting member. As a non-voting member, he/she may then propose motions during an ORC meeting in the designated forum, but may not vote upon motions proposed. Non-voting members may gain voting status upon being voted in by all voting members present during Part 1 (New members) of the next meeting. ~ Passed 04/01/2013

2. Any one present during an ORC meeting in the designated forum will receive one warning before being ejected by chair for disruption of the meeting (2 strike rule to limit horse-play). The ejected may return to the next meeting. ~ Passed 04/01/2013

3. Any voting member may evict any other member from the club at any time. The evicted member must have the consent of at least two voting members to be allowed back in at previous member voting status. ~ Passed 04/01/2013

4. Once ejected by chair from a meeting, if you have business on the table it is squashed immediately. ~ Passed 04/01/2013

5. Any ORC member who misses up to three scheduled meetings in a row without notice is automatically stripped of membership. ~ Passed 04/07/2013

6. ORC members will NOT commit to any mission unless they can guarantee success. (We do what we say we're going to do.) ~ Passed 04/07/2013

7. All proposals are to be peaceful in nature. ~ Passed 04/21/2013

Meeting Format:

1. Declaration of and Voting on New Members
2. Discussion and Settlement of Old Business
3. Proposition, Discussion of New Business
4. Close

Current mission: Undeclared

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Sunday's meeting is at 9pm EST - No more WED meetings.

There are two members in danger of missing 3 meetings in a row:

RP_Nexus, Jered Smith

Please be there Sunday!

Meeting was pretty decent. We

Meeting was pretty decent. We will streamline certain processes to get it quicker and more on target, but over all - it was good.


The oak roots club is the

The oak roots club is the beginning of something epic! If all sovereign men stand together we will be invinceable.

Please ignore Bill.

Bill was kicked out of ORC. He does not represent the views of ORC nor any of it's members.



With liberty supporters like you Bill

we don't need any politicians lying to or stealing from us or creating division. You already steal our time, lie just for fun (not to mention deceive) and love to create division. Just who's side are you on Bill? Bill and his band of DP "liberty" chat trolls... such a stellar endorsement of the Daily Paul maturity level.

The Daily Paul is Bill, smudge, yg, newt, luna and 12th's personal porta-potty to chit in all day long.

Bump for discussion on our 5th meeting?

Success? Progress? Feeling like this is starting to become something? Any potential here?

Our next meeting is Wednesday

Our next meeting is Wednesday 10th of April @ 9PM ET/8PM CT/7PM MT/6 PT.

I definitely support any

I definitely support any attempt to get people organized here on the daily paul. I'll be there this sunday at 9PM ET, 8PM CT, 7PM MT, or 6 PT.