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One Ton of Gold Bars Seized in Small Car (Video Clip)

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They are bad at math or lying.

They say there were 12 bars. Bars only come that large in 400 oz., or 12.5 kg. That's 150 kg, not 110 kg. That makes it worth ~€5.85 million, or ~$7.58 million.

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* Complete Fraud *

Gold is similar in weight to lead.

Look at how this guy is holding the gold bar and placing it on the ground.

For all intense and purposes it shows zero weight.

These bars would be quite heavy, and non of this shows in his handling of the bars.


Call the media out on this.

They are probably 12.5 kilo

They are probably 12.5 kilo bars, so they only weigh 27 lbs, 9 oz.

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Bloomberg gets this story completely wrong. Not 1 ton of gold.

More like 110 kg of gold. Imagine, a small vehicle with a family of five plus one ton of gold. No way that car could haul all that in the Alps. Interestingly, these dozen bars were unmarked,...no marks of any kind.
[Different video at link. Although not youtube, it is the correct story. You are welcome to it.]
"One Italian family thought they had the golden egg on Easter, but their holiday was cut short after Italian police confiscated 12 gold bars hidden in the floor of their car near the Swiss-Italian border. Italy’s finance and border police released a video that shows the seizure of 110 kilograms of gold found on Sunday March 31 hidden in a family’s car. According to a police press release, the family was stopped during a routine customs and cross-border currency movement check near the Swiss-border, they then came across a family consisting of a 53 year old man who is a Swiss resident of Italian origin, his wife, and their three kids. They appeared to be on a normal Easter outing, but they were carrying an expensive secret. Police grew suspicious of the nervous family and conducted a thorough search of the vehicle, where they discovered 12 gold bars, worth $4.5 million euros, hidden under a storage compartment. The gold bars were wrapped in newspaper and had no stamps indicating their origin or the degree of their purity. The gold was then taken by police, who are now investigating the origin and the destination of the loot. The man, who could not explain why the gold was in his possession or where they were going, has been charged for money laundering. Video Source: Reuters"

Paper money is laundered.

I didn't see any laundry just a bunch of greedy government officials eyeing their loot.

Wasn't this the same Euro gang that looted Qadaffi's gold?

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