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Resolution Requesting Accountability from the Department of Homeland Security

Mark D. Willis, National Committeeman for the Maine Republican Party (who also ran for RNC Chair against Reince Priebus) has provided the following resolution to RNC legal counsel and it will be presented at the Standing Committee on Resolutions in Los Angeles on April 10th.

It is also co-sponsored by Iowa GOP Chair A.J. Spiker and Missouri GOP Chair Ed Martin.


WHEREAS, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has failed to respond to multiple Members of Congress asking why the DHS requisitioned more than 1.6 billion rounds in the past year; and

WHEREAS, a subsequent nationwide ammunition shortage is now taking place, leaving many police departments struggling to obtain the necessary ammunition for handguns, shotguns, and especially rifles; and

WHEREAS, the nation-wide ammunition shortage is making ammunition exceedingly expensive for the average law abiding gun owner; and

WHEREAS, the waiting period to obtain said ammunition could be six months to a year, or in some cases even longer; therefore be

RESOLVED, that the Members of the Republican National Committee request that the DHS cease and desist from requisitioning any more ammunition until they fully explain to Members of Congress why 1.6 billion rounds have been requisitioned in the past year.

Chief Sponsor: Mark D. Willis, National Committeeman, Maine Republican Party

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