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110 KG Gold Seized @ Swiss / Italy Border Crossing. Fake news? Fake gold?

Bloomberg News reported erroneously, 1 Ton of Gold. 27 second newsreel. Gold bars found in an small car attempting to cross between Switzerland & Italy, Easter Suday, April 2013. Stopped at the Swiss / Italy boarder crossing. Film shows gold bars being extracted from the small car. No sign of over loaded suspension. No sign of bars being particularly heavy. No sign of the bars being handled with any special care. No gloves. Gold bars placed outside the car as they were unloaded. No sign of huge crowd gathering or any excitement at all. Bars set haphazardly on a mat outside the small car. Value stated as $6 million? No sign of checking figures for accuracy. Money laundering suspected? So many irregularities. Days later, still reporting 1 ton.

BBC gets into the act with the same narrative & film. Not about to be out done, their version comes with a proper English accent & a proper stacking on the twelve bars reportedly found (last seen on a a desk). Days later, still reporting 1 ton, same as Bloomberg News.

IBTimes.TVIBTimes.TV Italian Police Find €4.5 Million In Gold In Family's Car On Easter Sunday. This news report speaks of bars wrapped in newspaper. No newspaper filmed as the bars were removed. 12 gold reported worth about €4.5 Million.[Sorry about the automatic repeat loop of this film]

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I'm gonna bet the husband was

I'm gonna bet the husband was working as a mule and didn't count on the kids blowing their cover.

But of course the "ton" is not right. The red flags would go up as the tires barely can skid the car to a halt as its creeping along at 10mph and scraping the undercarriage on the pavement.

A Ton? I think not!

With a valve of about $6 million, the weight should be about 325 lbs. I have a few doubts on this story due to how the gold bars were being handled, but the rules of evidence are different there.

Edit: just saw the IBT version of the incident, along with a few English translations of local stories on this. While the video was the same, the commentary was more accurate in it's explanation of the incident. Bloomberg reported a ton of gold, while IBT reported 110 kilograms, an amount more in line with the number of bars shown, and the value stated by some print sources.

The part of the video showing removal of the bars and the pile outside the car was an acknowledged recreation according to one of several printed stories on this incident in Europe.

Corrected to 110 KG by IBTimes.TV (same source film).

The narratives do not match the films. Bars are handled w/o much effort. No gloves. No apparent excitement. Haphazardly placed on street & on a desk. Little effort seemed to be made lifting these supposed gold bars. Seems little care was given to make the narrative match the film. Quick jump to "money laundering" conclusion in both naratives filmed. Added BBC version with proper English accent. Same doubtful narrative & film with 2 seconds added to show a proper stacking of the gold bars.

No curious onlookers. No panorama shown. No correction of errors. Beyond belief. Days to by.

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